Do You Make Resolutions? My 2018 Goals

Jan 22, 2018

black maxi dress

Dress: BPHandbag: Clare Vivierdebated getting this because of the price but I carry it all summer and it is so roomy!  | Shoes: Steve Madden, also available herehonestly my most worn heelEarrings: Baublebar – also available here! | Lips: NARS


Hi guys! Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? 

Our was fairly jam packed with baby birthday parties, appointments and lunch with friends. It was the best kind of busy but busy nonetheless. This is a far more chill week than last and I am excited to take Zain to a few classes and maybe try an indoor play area. Any recommendations? 

Today we are transporting back to the nice Mexico sun and I’m sharing this maxi dress I can’t get enough of. I spotted it right after it was released and immediately bought it. I have found myself living in them the past few years and at $49 I thought this was a steal. It runs pretty true to size (I’m wearing a small) and love the ruffle and button front detailing. It’s really comfortable and I got so many compliments on it while on vacation! 

While we were in Mexico, Trevor and I had more free time than we have found ourselves with in quite a long time. We talked about our current schedule, our goals for this next year with Zain and I really wanted to chat with him about what I wanted to improve this year and how he thought I could do it. 

I am not one  to make ‘resolutions’ and wouldn’t call these that necessarily. I just think the new year is a great time to reset whether it’s eating, exercise or goals in general so I’m calling them that! 


Time Management

Trevor has told me I am awful at this for most of our time together and I really hate to admit it. I have a planner, use it religiously, talk about my plans and scheduled constantly but still somehow always find myself rushing, with things unfinished and never having enough time for anything. 

I’m not sure why and really grilled Trevor on what he though caused it and ho wI could improve. I’m going to try to be mindful to not put so much on my plate because I think half the time it’s just not humanely possible for me to check all the boxes and try to be early everywhere. 

Whenever I would have previously prepared or gotten ready for something before, I’m going to aim to start 30 minutes earlier and see how it goes. 


Get Dressed

Since working from home and being with Zain have become a full time role, I’ve found myself in a funk. A lot of days I don’t actually get dressed and it has really stared to affect my mood. I think I’m less productive, less likely to get motivated and overall sluggish. 

I have been trying to wear real pants everyday (it’s hard guys) and put a bit of makeup on. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s really improved my mood and productivity and I need to remember to do things for myself too. 

Now, don’t get me wrong I still spend some days in sweats but I’m trying to be better this year!


Be Patient 

This is always on my list of goals but I am really striving for it this year since having Zain. Parenting isn’t easy and Zain has taught me so much about myself and the value of patience. I’ve become such a better person since having him and am trying to really be more patient with not only him but myself and Trevor. 

Lots of times, if I have a rough day with Zain I tend to lose patience with everyone in my life. I’ll snap at my mom on the phone and be rude to Trevor. I’m trying to remember to take deep breaths and remember the big picture. 

Any tips for me?! 


I hope that I can really make strides in these few areas this year and am course always a work in progress. If you guys have any good advice for me please feel free to send it over!


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  1. Marian Cochiaosue says:

    My biggest treatment for patience is letting go of what/who I cannot control. I sometimes do well at it. Other times not. Ha. I am way too excitable. Also, I too overcommit. I feel less able to accomplish tasks efficiently. Not enough time in the day!

  2. I agree with the below comment- a lot my patience issues stem from having unrealistic expectations with what I wanted to do that day, etc. Things change a lot when you have a baby!