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Jan 23, 2018

ask me anything

Fleece Pullover (I’m wearing an XS/S) – Also love this, this, this and this | Jeans


Well, we are back with another installment of Ask Me Anything and thanks for sending in all your sweet questions! I remembered to write down the ones I didn’t get to and will not lose that again 🙂 

The rain and clouds have really put a damper on this week and since Trevor is on call the days have been seeming a little longer. I’m excited to get out today and meet some friends for lunch and hopefully get some work done while Zain naps. 

So, on to today’s questions!


How many uninterrupted hours of sleep does Zain get? 

I covered how we sleep trained him here in case you missed it! His bedtime routine is the same each night! We give him a bath between 5:30 and 6pm, get him dressed for bed, read him a few stories and he has his last bottle. Ideally he sleeps till at least 6 the next morning! Sometimes, depending on what’s going on he will wake up once at night and we make a call on letting him cry and get himself back to sleep or if something is really wrong and we need to go in there. 



I just had a baby and have a few weddings coming up, what dresses do you recommend post baby? 

After having Zain, I really didn’t want to wear anything except oversized baggy dresses and tops but I quickly realized those were making the situation worse. You will likely not be the size you want to stay so I always think Rent the Runway is a great option. I actually had Trevor’s fellowship graduation dinner a few weeks after I gave birth to Zain and picked a dress that highlighted my ‘waist’ and was a flared skirt so you don’t have to worry about that post baby pooch! If you want to buy instead I love this, this and this!



How long did you wear maternity clothes after giving birth to Zain? 

Oh man, a long time! I don’t think I stopped wearing my maternity jeans for almost 6 months! They were just so much more comfortable than my pre pregnancy jeans and I hate the feeling of a waist being too tight so I always reached for them. I also still wear my pregnancy leggings just because they are so incredibly comfortable, ha!



How is the job search going? 

Good!I am finally in the final talks with a few different offices and will hopefully be starting back next month. It’s insane how fast time flies and I can’t believe people are already asking me if I’ve planned anything for Zain’s 1st birthday…



Any new recipes you have found that you love, I loved the Chicken Detox Soup!

Oh my gosh, how good is that soup? Trevor is not usually someone who likes soup and he gobbled that up for days! I have actually tried a few new ones and am experimenting this week so I will hopefully have a new roundup in the next day or so! You can also follow me on Pinterest and I usually save most of my favorites there.


Thanks for submitting so many great questions and hope you all have a great Tuesday! 


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  1. Love your free people fleece and this is such a fun post! I love Q&A’s. It’s nice to hear of mamas wearing maternity clothes for a little while after giving birth. Sometimes it seems like everyone is buttoning themselves into their skinny jeans right away. Good luck with the rest of the job dealings!