Our Family Vacation In Cabo

Jan 16, 2018


Looking at these pictures makes me want to immediately transport back to sun and sand! I got a lot of questions on where we stayed, how we liked it, things to do in Cabo and beyond so I thought today would be the perfect day to share a little travel diary and all the details on our trip. In case you missed it, I shared how we traveled with Zain last week and got so much helpful feedback from you mama’s so thank you! 


Where We Stayed


dreams los cabos

dreams los cabos

The view from our balcony

dreams los cabos pool

The main pool with infinity edge and swim up bar!

dreams los cabos

Sunset at the resort! 


We stayed at Dreams Los Cabos and lovedddd it! I really can’t say enough good things about the resort— it was so well maintained, pretty and not crowded which was a huge plus. We had never been to a Mexican resort that wasn’t adults only so I was a tiny bit scared that it would be chaos and kids running crazy everywhere. It wasn’t at all and for the most part felt the exact same as the adults only ones we’ve visited. 

It was also nice that there was an adults only pool that was really serene and quiet making it a nice escape for us to enjoy when my parents would go roam around with Zain. The room was amazing and had a nice sitting area, huge bathroom, bedroom and two balconies that we actually used quite a bit. One of Zain’s favorite activities was people watching from the balcony. My baby is very nosy, have I told you guys that? 

The only thing I had wished was that there were more food options! There were 3 restaurants but that seemed like less than we had previously experienced but since we were only there 5 nights it wasn’t a big deal. Something to think about if you are going longer!

We had also debated leaving the resort to explore some other food options but since we had Zain and wanted to spend as much time with him as we could we never really got around to it. My friend Jess actually honeymooned in Cabo recently and just shared some her favorite spots so if you are visiting and looking for things to do and eat around the city, check out her post


The Beach 


los cabos mexico

Zain’s Tee (my favorite!) | Zain’s Shoes

dreams los cabos

My boys 


If you’re not familiar with Cabo, the ocean isn’t really swimmable. There are certain areas you can go out in the water but for the most part you need to stay close to the shore. The undertow is really strong and a little dangerous so keep that in mind when booking! 

We don’t really like beaches or getting in the ocean (I’m actually kind of scared of it) so it’s not a deal breaker for us but we loved walking along the beach every morning. It was Zain’s first time at a beach and seeing the ocean so it was so fun to explore each day with him! 


The Pools


mom blogger

My swimsuit top, bottom | My necklace | My sunglasses | Zain’s hat | Zain’s swim shirt | Zain’s swim shorts


baby boy sunglasses

Trevor’s Sunglasses | Zain’s Sunglasses

mom blogger

baby pool float

Zain’s pool floatwe loved this one because it had that optional backrest so he could stay upright easily! 

family vacation mexico

How cute are these three? 

poolside essentials

My poolside essentials: Pool bag – similar version here! | Sunglasses | Supergoop Sunscreenswear by this stuff! | Coola Face Sunscreen

baby boy vacation

mommy blogger

My Cover Up | Zain’s Pool Towelsomeone told me to take a towel for him and it was such a great suggestion! The pool towels are so gigantic and this easy really easy to wrap him in! | Zain’s Cover Up Zain’s Toy – packing a few toys for him was enough and I tried to pick things that could go in the pool too!

baby boy swimwear

Zain’s swim shirt | Zain’s swim shorts 

This is his ‘judging mommy’ face…

mexican family vacation

This kid’s face..

mexican family vacation

The best nanima there is!

miami vice

Miami Vice, party of one!


The pool’s were really beautiful and huge! We tried both and the main pool had an infinity edge that overlooked the beach and a swim up bar. Our waiters were really amazing and basically created any drink or food item you wanted! I didn’t think I was into fruity mixed drinks but they may have changed my mind. 

I also loved that they weren’t super crowded. People weren’t stealing chairs or reserving so many that you couldn’t find one. We usually rolled down there after breakfast and never had any problem finding one. 


Eats & Drinks


dreams los cabos

The chilaquiles were my favorite from room service!


coco cafe

Latte from Coco Cafe


oceana restaurant

Lunch at Oceana! Loved these fish tacos and the spicy marg’s were to die for!


dreams los cabos

The  bartenders were so awesome and make the best drinks for you, this had tea and rosemary in it!


Like I mentioned earlier, I wish there had been more restaurant options but the room service at the resort was the best of anywhere I’ve been. We liked it so much we actually ordered in for our last night there and had a family meal in the room! We also ordered breakfast once or twice to have on the balcony and loved that. As far as the restaurants, Oceana was our favorite and felt so fresh and tasty! I was also SO happy there was a coffee shop đŸ™‚ It was so adorable and called Coco Cafe! They served the best coffee’s and had pastries in the morning and desserts at night. We honestly stopped there twice a day, everyday. 


Family Time

mexican family vacation

Nothing better than time with the grandparents!

mom blogger

My Shirtmy most worn tank! | My Shorts | Zain’s Shirt

chicago mom blogger

The one night Zain stayed up late enough to go to dinner! 


Nothing better than a place that makes family time possible! It was so nice to have everything included at the resort so even with Zain’s nap schedule we could all be together, play cards and enjoy drinks at night. Having grandparents around on vacation really makes it a vacation and we were so lucky to get to spend the time with my parents!



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  1. Looks like a blast! Love the swimsuits you wore on this trip. And the faces of Zain are so cute- the judging mommy face made me laugh out loud! And his big cheesy smile sitting on Trevor’s lap is adorable!

  2. Tegan Valentine says:

    I stayed at this resort years ago and it was amazing! 10/10 would recommend.