My Winter Wardrobe Refresh

Jan 19, 2018

winter clothes sale


Guys, we made it! I don’t know why this week has seemed so insanely long but I am happy we are here. Trevor works really late tonight and we have some appointments to get to so I am just trying to enjoy this sun and 40° and go with it. 

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw on my stories that Trevor and I did a big closet clean out. After getting back from Mexico, I felt the need to purge things and figured our closets could use a good overhaul. Trevor and I both tend to hang on to things for wayyyy too long. I’m talking I had t-shirts from college in my drawers that I haven’t worn in years. 

Together, we managed to collect six bags of clothes to drop off at a shelter and open up our closet. We organized everything and tried to keep it clean and not crowded. Part of the problem when you have no space is that you can’t see anything. We forget about clothes we have that we would normally wear all the time. 

Naturally, that same weekend I was sick and decided to do a tiny bit of online shopping. I obviously don’t want to refill my closet with mindless pieces like I used to but really follow my current path of investing in good basics. I love a good fun piece for vacation or a fancy party but I really want to be more mindful to invest in things I can wear daily that make me feel good. I had been holding on to so many clothes that I just frankly don’t fit in anymore and it was time I let them go. Anyone else? 

I thought I would share what I checked out with and a few other things that are on my wish list. Do you guys do a winter clean out? 



I don’t know why I’ve become so obsessed with fleece jackets lately but I had to have this one! 

In truth, I spend a lot of day’s and weekends in tee’s so this was a no brainer. Plus it’s 60% off and less than $15!

I already own this in grey and invested in the oatmeal color since it’s one of my most worn pieces. Also, it’s on sale! 

I’ve been coveting this shirt for over a year so I finally just took the plunge. It’s a great basic tee with a fun detail and is the softest fleece material. 

The second fleece I added to my cart because why not? 

So, I have been debating DIY’ing an old pair of jeans with this step hem but I decided against it when I saw this pair with amazing reviews on sale for $35!

I love this crossover detailing and the fuzzy material is so cute. Comes in black too! 

I ordered this in grey but was tempted to pick up the black also. On sale for $25 and such a staple!

I already have this in camel but snagged the stripe version since it’s on sale again and so flattering!

Okay, here is where the wish list begins! I spend a lot of time in athleisure these days and this is at the top of my list!

My black Nike’s have been through it and they just released this new fabric, want! 

My Stuart Weitzman boots are probably my most worn boots and this heeled version is 40% off. Should I do it? 


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