How To Work From Home With A Baby

Aug 30, 2017

work from home with baby


If I learned anything quickly after having Zain, it was that working from home and maintaining my blog was not going to be an easy task. I had a vision in my head before he arrived that I would have him on a regular nap schedule right away and then be able to get my work done in between playing with him. That idea turned out to be so far from reality. 

The first weeks home were spent in a tired, survival type mode. We did what we could to get by and honestly so much of it seems like a blur now. After things started to settle down a bit I had to navigate how exactly I was going to get back into the swing of things with work and still be present with Zain. 

As much as I wanted to take three months off from everything and disconnect, I didn’t. Part of the problem was he came early and I hadn’t yet set up my out of office email responder. So when emails and pitches came in, I responded. Looking back I wish I hadn’t and really taken more time away but I learned a valuable lesson and am sure to pass that on to my friends. 

Throughout those first weeks back to work I realized a few things and products were key to me getting anything done. I imagine so many other women go through the same struggle so I thought I would share what has worked for us and would love to hear from you! 


Wear Your Baby

I admit, in the beginning I was scared to do this too often. I feared that if I was wearing him constantly he would have a hard time sleeping on his own. After we started sleep training I tested out wearing him a few times a day when I would need to get work done and realized he was sleeping just as well or even better throughout the night. It can seriously be a lifesaver to have your hands free and be able to do the million other things you need to around the house! 

I love this Nüroo Pocket because it feels so secure! It has sleeves that allow me to not feel like he is hanging on my shoulders. If needed, it has a support belt you can attach right below you little one’s bum for extra support. It was easy for me to slip the tee on and then slip him in by myself. So many other carriers I tried were near impossible for me to get together on my own and I was always nervous they weren’t tied correctly. This tee allows a few closures to velcro shut so you can feel confident your babe is wrapped in safe and secure. Sizing wise I would say it ran pretty true to size, I’m wearing a small!

When he was smaller I would tuck his head into the pocket so he could lay on my chest but as he’s gotten a little bigger and can hold his head up on his own he likes to have his head out and have some independence. I am able to get my work done in peace and seriously reccomend it even when you just want to sit down for a minute and give your hands a break! 


baby wearing

nuroo swaddle shirt


Be Mobile


Get out of the house! I know that may seem counterintuitive to the ‘work from home‘ situation but anyone that actually works from home will tell you to make sure you get out of the house. Once you have a baby, it’s even more crucial. In the very beginning you won’t be able to go to crowded places but once they get a little older getting some fresh air will be the highlight of your day. 

I would take breaks during the day to clear my head and get Zain outside by taking him around the neighborhood or even to a coffee shop. Since it was the middle of the summer I needed something to keep him out of the sun while still keeping him cool and able to explore. I originally fell in love with this Nüroo multi-use cover for it’s design (how cute are the stripes?) but have come to love it for it’s ease and breathability. He doesn’t get too hot or steamy underneath and I love how easy it is to peel back and let him see his surroundings. You can also use it as a nursing cover or a shopping seat cover which I totally intend to do once he gets big enough to sit in the cart! 


stripe car seat cover

nuroo car seat cover



Swaddle For Sleeping


I didn’t know people attempted to put their children to sleep without swaddles! After having Zain people would always ask me if we swaddled him. My immediate reaction was ‘oh yes’ and ‘with the ‘easy ones’ I was shocked at how many people still attempted using muslins as swaddles and give serious props to those of you that can do it. My son can bust out of those in seconds. When we found this easy Nüroo swaddle we were hooked! There is just enough space for him to move around while keeping him tight and cozy to sleep. It’s also nice that once he starts to roll over this swaddle can be fastened just below his arms to keep them free and the rest of him snuggled. Plus, how cute is the design? 

It was so nice to find products that were cute and functional in one place. He sleeps so well in this swaddle and the few times I have attempted to put him down without it for daytime naps it has not gone so well, ha!

Getting Zain on a normal sleep and nap schedule was a game changer for my productivity at home. It allowed me to actually plan my day and get things accomplished in between naps like I had once dreamed of. 


nuroo swaddle

stars swaddle

nuroo swaddle

chicago mom blogger

chicago mom blogger


At the end of the day, remember to be kind to yourself. I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves after having babies to get back to normal life. The difference is that old ‘normal’ life you had will never be the same and that’s okay. It takes time to find your groove and everyday is a new challenge with a baby. For me, cutting myself and Zain some slack has done wonders for my happiness and I am still navigating the waters of working from home and being the best mom I can for him. Once I head back to the dental office things will be a little different but for now we are enjoying this sweet time together! 


Have any tips you swear by to get your to do list accomplished with a baby? Make sure to check out NüRoo, it is honestly one of our favorite brands and we love using so many of their products. Feel free to reach out with any questions and please share any tips you may have! 



This post was sponsored by Nüroo. As always, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible!


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  1. I’ve never heard of this brand before, thanks for sharing, Shaheen! I’ve seen the joey-style carrying tees before, and I know some moms swear by them. I love that the brand makes carriers, car seat covers, swaddles and other products. It’s so nice to find one great brand and try all their products! Your sweet Zain looks so cozy in the swaddle, and I love his double chin in that last shot! Thanks for these tips! I’ll be needing them soon!

  2. Naomi Levy says:

    Hey Shaheen, I was wondering if you were still practicing dentistry? I am in my undergraduate career and looking into being a dentist as well, and I was wondering if you are able to maintain a great work-life balance?
    Thank you!

    • Hi, I am! I worked up until delivering him but am still on my maternity leave from the office. I think dentistry is such a great career for maintaining that balance but I don’t own my own office. I think when you own a practice it’s something you take home with you so it depends on what your goal is after school. If you ever have any other questions feel free to reach out!

  3. Rachel says:

    Love all of these tips! As Sloane has gotten older (from about 10 mos on) she started giving me those regular naps and would allow me to get things done around the house, for work, binge watch TV (HAHAHA), etc….not to wish this time away…..but some of that nap time bliss could certainly be in your future! The only bummer for me- is that now that she is on a great nap schedule she WILL NOT sleep on me (good and bad) but I really miss that.

    • Oh that makes me so happy! I long for the day he has a nap schedule haha. I am missing so much Bravo TV 😉 I’m so glad you told me that because sometimes I get frustrated he wants to sleep on me but lately I’ve been trying to really soak it up!

  4. Both my kids HATED being swaddled. You’d have thought I was trying to squeeze their lights out by the way they both screamed. I ended up wearing both of mine a lot, especially my second, which was the only way that I was able to spend time with my first!