My Top 5 Beautycounter Products

Aug 6, 2019


my top 5 beautycounter products

The magical peel! I use it every couple nights and it works wonders for my skin.


Happy Tuesday afternoon friends! 

I am home with Zain all week since he’s transitioning between school’s so wasn’t planning on posting much new content but I just saw that Beautycounter was having their Friends & Family sale for a limited time so thought I would pop on real quick and share my top 5 products. 

In case you missed it, I started using Beautycounter a little while ago when my friend turned me on to the Cleansing Balm. After that, I tried and loved a few more of their skincare products and then recently switched my makeup over. I shared a post that included all of your clean makeup recommendations and have a few highlights saved over on Instagram of application and what I liked/didn’t like. 

Although I don’t exclusively use Beautycounter, they do have some of my tried and true products so I rounded them up below and let me know if you have any questions. Almost everything on the site is 15% off which is wonderful!


This is the holy grail of my night routine. I use it every few days and spread it out more when I first began using it. It refreshes my skin and does a great job of clearing off the surface junk. 

The BEST brow gel I have ever tried and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve never tried the powder version’s since I prefer the mascara wand so can’t compare there but as far as similar brow gel’s this is my favorite. 

This is what I use for everyday wear. It’s not too heavy and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy like so many other clean brands did at the end of the day. I use Tan. 

My favorite lip gloss and what I wear everyday. I layer it over a lipstick if I’m going somewhere more formal and love the sheen it gives. Dahlia is my jam!

The OG of my lineup. This balm is what got me hooked on Beautycounter and I still swear by it. It’s so moisturizing and the only thing that has ever really taken off my eye makeup. 


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