My Favorite Athletic Gear At All Price Points

Aug 12, 2019

my favorite athletic gear

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Good Monday morning! 

The allergies in Louisville have been killing us lately and I’m trying everything in my power to get on top of it. I take an allergy pill every day but over the past few months I thought I was getting sick a few times and realized it was just my allergies :/ It really runs you down so I’m debating getting the shots or moving, ha. We’ve started using local honey and a few other things but if you have any suggestion send them my way. 

I thought I would share some workout favorites since I’ve been getting a few questions on my favorite pieces and what brands I invest in and what I don’t. Overall, my approach to workout gear has shifted primarily because I use it for much more than working out and wear it so often when I’m with Zain. 

There are a few brands that I will splurge on like Beyond Yoga (more Beyond Yoga here) for any kind of legging or short. They are by far the most comfortable and so so soft! Spiritual Gangster (more Spiritual Gangster here) for tops because their designs are usually right up my alley and I love the muscle tank fit. They also hold up really well in the wash and during sweaty workouts. I usually stick to my Nike 270’s or APL’s (more APL’s here) as far as sneakers go and can’t live without my Apple watch and Air pods

I rounded up several picks and broke them down by category below! Let me know if you have any questions and hope new workout gear is as motivating for you as it is for me!
















Also, in case you missed it I covered my recent fitness journey and progress in this post and my favorite treadmill workouts here!


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