My Experience with Beautycounter

Jan 18, 2019

my experience with beautycounter

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Morning and TGIF!

I am so excited to sit down and chat Beautycounter today. I shared at the start of the new year how one of my goals was to find a consistent skincare routine. I’m not the type of person to use the same things repeatedly (I like to switch it up) but these products will be on heavy rotation for a while. Much like a lot of you, I had heard of Beautycounter before (several of my friends are consultants—I am not) but had never really tried any of their products for an extended period of time. 

I know I’ve talked about ‘clean beauty’ here before and much like most of you I would love to find products that not only work for my skin but are also good for me. However, I am definitely not throwing everything out of my beauty cabinet and going full on Marie Kondo over here. I think it’s okay to slowly adjust and utilize what works for you and not feel bad about that. Over time, my hope is that everything offered to us is clean and we don’t have to do so much work to find it. 

The last time I was in Chicago and staying with Jess I realized I forgot my cleansing balm. If you don’t know, I am obsessed with cleansing balms. They essentially cleanse your face, remove all dirt and make up and leave your skin feeling so soft. I always had such issues with eye makeup removers. They never really removed all of my makeup and I would always be rubbing my under eye skin with a towel trying to get it all off. The first time I used a balm I actually felt like everything came off! Jess graciously let me use hers (which was this Beautycounter one) and after using it I immediately bought it. Although I liked the one I was currently using my skin had never felt softer. 



After I was hooked on that I asked Blair and Jess for a few of their other recommendations and have been trying their Countermatch moisturizer, Overnight Resurfacing Peel and Vitamin C Facial Oil. I’ve now been using the overnight peel plus facial oil 3 nights a week and love the way it leaves my skin feeling. Also, on a side note I had been keeping my oil dropper on a glass tray and closing it back with the cap. Then last week when I was Facetiming with Blair and applying it she enlightened me that the dropper works as a lid. Guys, #mombrain. So don’t worry as you saw in my Instagram stories I have now figured it out! 

The first few days I used the peel I noticed my skin was a tad more red in the morning but it felt so much softer. The peel does say that you can experience some tingling so I’m assuming it was from that but it also has never felt so soft and the redness has since dissipated. If you have sensitive skin I would start slow with the peel and slowly build up to more than once a week. 

I’ve also been using the moisturizer each morning after I wash my face and really love it. My skin is very even as far as oily/dry so I can’t totally speak to how it would react with other skin types but Jess and Blair both have very different types than me and they both swear by it. 

Overall, I’ve genuinely loved everything I’ve tried but honestly can’t reccomend this balm enough! If you are like me and just being introduced to Beautycounter I suggest starting there and then branching out. It’s so nice to have great clean beauty products that you can feel good about putting on your skin. I’ve also found them to be average priced for this level of beauty care and you can always reach out to a consultant to try products before you buy them! I am unfortunately not one but can definitely put you in touch with one if you need it. 

Have you all tried Beautycounter and what did you think? 


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This post was sponsored by Beautcounter and all opinions are 100% my own. As always, thank you for supporting a brand that I already use and love because without all of you Lows to Luxe wouldn’t be possible!


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  1. Melissa Wilburn says:

    I love seeing everyone switching to safer beauty products (I’m also a consultant). If you haven’t tried the charcoal bar or mask, give those a shot!

  2. Stacy Sprangers says:

    First of all- I LOVE your sweater! It’s so pretty!
    Second, I love Beauty Counter products. I started reading into them because of Blair. I found myself a consultant in my area to try some products and fell in love. The cleansing balm is amazing!

  3. Janelle says:

    I started using BeautyCounter almost a year ago. My kids both have very sensitive skin, so I tried the CounterSun to see how it would do. It was a hit! Kids didn’t break out in any crazy rashes, and neither did I. I’ve since also began using their CounterControl line. My skin has never felt or looked better, and with the size of their products, it lasts a wicked long time, which is a plus. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!