My Favorite Treadmill Workouts

Mar 20, 2019

my favorite treadmill workouts

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Hello friends!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! I am equal parts excited about leaving for our trip on Friday and frantic scrambling to get things done. I know I often share my workout summaries on Instagram stories and a bit of what I’ve been up to in the gym but recently I asked you guys if you would be interested in my quick treadmill workouts so here we are!  

Let me preface this by saying I am not a fitness expert and these workouts are just a compilation of what makes me feel good and things I have gathered from some of my treadmill classes like Shred 451, Orangetheory, etc. 

I usually do these quick 20 minute runs before a short weight training class or lifting weights on my own. I don’t run intensely before my regular hour long classes or anything crazy like that! I try to mix intervals between speed, incline and the like and never drop my incline below one. My instructor years ago told me it was terrible for our knees to run on a flat treadmill so I took that to heart. 

I am also not a big long distance runner. The longest race I have ever done was a 10k and I am just not someone who enjoys running for long periods. I like short bursts that make me sweat and feel accomplished, ha! 

These are two of my favorite’s and if you try them out be sure to let me know! 



best treadmill workouts






my favorite treadmill workouts


Hope these help and if you have any favorites share them with me below! 


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