A Simple & Easy Updo Hairstyle

Jun 30, 2016

easy twisted bun hairstyle tutorial

It’s Tutorial Thursday! Just kidding that’s not a real thing here I just love alliterations, ha. I am excited to share another fun and super easy up do hairstyle tutorial with you guys. You may have seen my piece over on Maurice’s blog where I shared a fun updo and casual look perfect for summer. They were a bit more complex than this and to be honest this is something I do all the time.

It totally depends on your hair type but people will ask me why I go through these steps for a low bun. I know some of you can just twist you hair and throw it up but that is not the case for me. I have extremely thin hair (I know someone of you must be in the same boat) and if I did that it would be a tiny protrusion from my head and fall out of the hair tie in seconds!

The only plus is that my hair holds curl well so it’s easy to curl and add some texture before I put it up! I shared a post on how to curl with a straight iron before so check back on that if you need it. Once you are ready get a few things together: straight iron, texture spray, hairspray, salon bobby pins (that are open not the flat kind) & a brush and you are good to go!

easy updo hairstyle

  1. Start by gathering your hair into a low pony and use a hair tie to secure. I prefer the thin black bands just because they are harder to see.

easy updo hairstyle

easy updo tutorial

2. Start by taking the ponytail and twisting all the way through. Then start to wrap this around the ponytail holder.

easy bun hairstyle tutorial

low bun tutorial

messy bun tutorial

3. Once you have it fully wrapped secure with another band loosely.

messy bun hairstyle

low bun hair tutorial

4. Go through with bobby pins and secure the pieces loosely to your head. You want it to look a little messy so don’t secure it too tight!

low bun hair tutorial

low bun DIY

how to bun hairstyle

5. Use your fingers to lift the hair at the crown of your head to give a little volume. You can always tease that area before starting as well!

how to tease hair

easy bun hair tutorial

Pretty simple and basic but a fun way to get that hair out of your face and off your neck this summer! Any fun hairstyle you guys have been trying? I am dying to learn how to french braid my hair back so any videos or tricks you have please share!


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  1. Looks beautiful on you! I love having hair pulled back but not too slick.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Ah I LOVE this! You are adorable and your hair always looks amazing. Major envy — Will have to try this!

    Kelly | Kelly in the City