5 Kitchens Dreams Were Made Of

Jul 1, 2016

Apartment living can get old, am I right? I think I was made for city life but sometimes find myself dreaming of the house with the picket fence and yard for days. I often tell my mom that I can’t wait till Trevor is done with fellowship and starts work so we can really set down roots and buy our first home. I am still so unclear about where that dream lies – sometime I envision a slower life moving back to Louisville and being able to drive up to a store and park and get things done. Other times, I fear that life wouldn’t agree with me anymore and that I don’t realize how accustomed I have become to living in Chicago.

It’s crazy to think how fast 6 years have flown by. Every year that past Trevor and I debated buying a place. I had previously owned a condo in Louisville during dental school and managing the problems and selling it after proved to be much more tedious than I would like to admit. Each year we would put off purchasing since we never knew where we would be working, what would be convenient and what neighborhood we truly loved.

Now that Trevor has started his last year of fellowship all these dreams seem so much closer. We still don’t know where we will end up – if you have any advice feel free to send it my way! The most important things in a home to me are pretty simple – an open floor plan most critically the kitchen flowing to a living room, a killer kitchen & unique vintage charm.

We struggle with the ‘vintage’ as well because most older places need a ton of work or updates but neither of us are huge fans of new modern construction. If you follow me on Pinterest you already know how obsessed I am with kitchens. I hope to spend family time around a kitchen, family dinners and happy memories in the space and maybe that’s why it feels so important to me.

I’ve started browsing home everywhere and rounded up a few of my favorites. Each one has some characters I absolutely love and I would love to hear any of you home owners advice on renovating or building. I feel like it’s never to early to start planning and who doesn’t love to day dream about pretty kitchens?

white subway tile

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patterned tile backsplash

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black kitchen cabinets

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vintage kitchen rug

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black modern kitchen

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  1. Jenn Lake says:

    So many good insp pics! Loving the white subway tile, too! (PS- my vote is for you guys to stay in Chicago!)

  2. That first kitchen is #GOALS. But seriously please don’t move. I would be heartbroken, Shaheenieweenie!! <3

    Kelly | Kelly in the City

  3. JR says:

    Loving these kitchens. I hear you about the vintage/modern dilemma. The kitchen in our Chicago condo came already remodeled and while it is nice everything is new, it isn’t what I would choose so I too keep my kitchen dreams on Pinterest 🙂 https://www.pinterest.com/jlresendiz/home-kitchens/