Ask Me Anything: Holiday Traditions, Cleaning Services, & More

Dec 17, 2021


Cheers to FRIDAY!!!

It is officially holiday break around here! Zain has an early dismissal today and a holiday program that I can NOT wait to watch. With COVID, we haven’t been able to go inside school yet this year but a guest is allowed at the program and I am almost 100% certain I will be crying 😉 

After the program we are hosting a cookie decorating pizza night at our house and I am beyond excited. A few of Zain’s friends are coming over to decorate christmas cookies everyone has baked, watch holiday movies and I am going to make a few pizza’s. Figured it was something fun for the kids to celebrate the end of school and possibly make a tradition at our house.

I obviously went all out and bought these adorable plates and napkins no one will care about and am also planning on making a fun holiday cocktail from HBH. As for today’s post, I had so many great questions submitted after the last Q&A I figured I would share some answers here! 



Do you have house cleaners/how do you keep your house so clean? 

We do as of recently! We had someone coming once a month when we moved back and then when Covid hit, I cancelled the service. Just a few months ago a very close friend started a new cleaning business and we booked them to come monthly which has been amazing! I don’t mind cleaning and my kids know they have to clean up after themselves but getting to the bathrooms was always a struggle and not something I felt like I cleaned well enough so I treasure their visits. If you are overwhelmed and can’t get to everything, I think outsourcing is always a good idea! 


Must have for baby registry? 

I wrote a post with everything we registered the first time around here and one about what we decided to buy the second time around here! I always say less is more when it comes to baby stuff. I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed by it and it’s so easy to grab or order stuff you find you need along the way. Biggest lessons: no outfits with buttons and you need 1 million burp cloths 😉 


Gift for second marriage? 

Oh, this is a great question. I would forgo the traditional wedding gift ideas since they may have most of the home goods at that point. Something fun would be my preference like a pair of matching bathrobes, stemware is always a great idea, or a charcuterie board if they like to entertain! 


Favorite holiday tradition? 

Once we bought our home, we decided we would always spend the actual holiday here if we could! Having our kids waking up in our home on Christmas morning and coming downstairs was special and we wanted to make it a tradition. We do a big batch of cinnamon rolls and make mimosas and bloody mary’s with a christmas movie on and it’s my favorite part of the holiday. Just us 4!


Best budget friendly pajamas for men? 

Trevor is not really a pajama kind of guy but I love my pajama sets from Target and this set has great reviews and is under $25! I also saw this satin set from Madewell that looks amazing and is over 50% off.


Where did you get your spice jars? 

These are the spice jars and labels I have and this is the insert in my drawer! You will need to cut it to fit your drawer size unless it happens to fit.



Hope this was helpful and I will be sure to do another one in the new year! I am going to be signing off from the blog through the holidays but will be back on the 31st with a special post. Hope you all have an amazing holiday season and stay safe! 




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