What To Register For Baby #2

Mar 27, 2020

This post is sponsored by Buy Buy Baby, a brand we shop at often and love! As always, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible!


what to register for baby 2

Someone is very excited to be a big brother 😉


Good morning friends! 

Happy Friday! It’s difficult to keep track of the days lately but we made it to the end of week two and I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. I wanted to first thank you all for sending in your amazing tips and suggestions as far as items you needed most for baby number two. It was so helpful when we were registering for the second time around and I compiled a list that will hopefully help in case you are in the same situation. 

I do think a lot of this depends on how far apart in age your children are, how much you saved and what is still under warranty. Since our place in Chicago was so tiny I tended to give away or donate things quickly after we got good use out of it. At the time, I wasn’t sure that we would ever have another child so that’s wasn’t really front of mind. I also got rid of most of the health items thinking if we did have a second baby I would want all of that fresh and new! 

When we registered for Zain (full post on that here) we went straight to the experts at Buy Buy Baby and I knew I wanted to do the same this time around. They really do have it all and their associates have always been incredibly helpful, especially when you are a new parent. I often call with questions if I can’t make it into the store and they always have great insight. When you do register you receive a welcome bag that’s filled with helpful information and coupons, qualify for free shipping perks and also receive the 15% completion discount which is lifesaving. 

In all honesty, I had originally wondered if registering was necessary this time around since I am not having a traditional sprinkle or shower but as my pregnancy went on my parents, in laws and a few friends were asking for suggestions and everyone said it would be easier if we just rounded up what we really needed for them to browse. So, even if you think you don’t need one it may be helpful for family and friends so they can purchase things you really need and want!  

I highlighted a few things we have already bought below, why I am excited about them and what else is lingering on our list. I also included a checklist to use in case you are in the same situation and please let me know anything if there is anything I missed that you couldn’t live without in the comments! 






buy buy baby registry

Baby girl’s room is slowly coming together…

buy buy baby crib

We are in love with the new crib and thought it was such a great price point!

buy buy baby registry

what to register for baby 2

A few basics we have already stocked up on!

what to register for baby 2

what to register for baby 2






This post was sponsored by Buy Buy Baby. As always, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible! 




We threw out our old humidifier after we moved here since it had seen better days! I was excited to see this humidifier/diffuser/night light combo. 

I still have all of Zain’s crib sheets but let myself buy this one since I couldn’t get enough of the flamingo’s! 

This is what we used with Zain so I repurchased for those early days when you are doing multiple loads a day!

Our old crib mattress was very worn in and I wanted something firm with a waterproof cover to prevent the issues we had the last time around. After some research we decided on this one! 

These are the swaddles we used with Zain and the velcro is almost worn off most of them so I ordered one additional set. 

We didn’t have this last time but it’s genius and I’m happy to have it on hand! 

We still use this with Zain and needed a fresh one to keep separate for baby girl.

Another thing I got rid of in haste after Zain! I picked this since we just need something simple and safe.

I have a few unopened bottles from last time around but got rid of everything we had used. We swore by Dr.Brown’s last time around so am going the same route!

The Owlet was one of the most common things we told friends to get. It gave us a bit of peace of mind so we could actually get some sleep while he was sleeping. Since we also need a monitor this time around, I have my eye on this combo!

A comfortable baby carrier was by far the most recommended suggestion by you all! I still have our Ergobaby but had a difficult time with the wrap we had. I am leaning towards a ring sling that would be easier to throw on and use hands free to keep up with Zain.

This is the crib we ordered and I am so excited about it! Something about a black crib feels so classic to me and I think it will fit perfectly into what I have planned for her room.

This is the double stroller we have our eye on! I really want something that can handle all terrain since our neighborhood is more urban feeling with a lot of park. I also want something that has a compatible adapter that can work with the Mesa infant car seat we already have and this seems to check all the boxes. 

We used the elephant version of this with Zain and still have the stuffed animal. We are all attached to it and I loved this little lamb for her 🙂

I forget how many diapers you need in the beginning but we will probably keep a few different types on hand! 

Another newborn essential I realized we didn’t own anymore! I think we wore out the two we had with Zain and love this material. 


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