How To Create A Simple Desk Gallery Wall

May 19, 2016

desk gallery wall


Desk: Urban Outfitters | Chair: Amazon | Lamp: Target | Vase: Crate & Barrel | Candle: Diptyque|Glasses: Warby Parker | Prints: Minted, Minted, Minted & Minted (c/o)

GUYS! The desk is finally done!!! Can you tell how excited I am? This was the highlight of the decorating process and I saved it till the end so I wouldn’t rush any decisions. I ordered the desk almost immediately after we moved in since I had been eyeing it for so long. If you are in the market for a white desk I can’t recommend it enough. I loved the hairpin legs and the simple structure. The price can’t be beat and I think it has a cool industrial type feel without being too bold. After that I added Henry (my plant) and the lamp and decided to keep everything white with some pops of color.

After leaving the area empty for a while I finally decided what direction I wanted to head in. After moving so many times I have realized not to rush things. In the past I would move in and want everything set up immediately but then regret design decisions I had made so hastily. This time I decided to take my time and move slowly from room to room when until I felt like I really knew where it was headed.

I decided on a kind of desert/palm springs motif. I wanted something slightly bright and cheery but not too girly so it wouldn’t throw off the overall feel of our place. I also knew I wanted some type of gallery wall situation but I am not a huge fan of the overly crowded look. I feel like it starts to look like you just put everything you owned on the wall, anyone else?

I searched Minted for weeks before deciding on these 4 prints and was excited to mix up shapes and sizes. For reference, all three of the larger ones are 16×14 and the smaller piece is 10×11. I just eyed the arrangement after trying it a few times on the floor and with my trusty handy man (Trevor loathes hanging stuff for me) I think it came out amazing!
I am so excited to work at my desk now and totally think having a happy space contributes to my productiveness. In our last place I would work from my laptop on the couch in the morning because our last desk was in a room with no windows and I had no desire to be in there. What do you think helps you the most?

Hope you all have an amazing day!

minted cactus print

minted desk gallery wall

desk gallery wall

schoolhouse desk lamp

diptyque candle pencil holder

white desk flowers

minted desert gallery wall

desk decor


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  1. Lauren Nolan says:

    So simple, but so beautiful!! Love all of it!
    Lauren |

  2. I love the little desert oasis you’ve created for yourself here! Henry’s also looking great 😉

  3. AH IT LOOKS SO GOOD! SHAHEENIEWEENIE! So simple and beautiful — the perfect work environment!

    Kelly | Kelly in the City