My Favorite Loungewear

Mar 31, 2020

my favorite loungewear

Anything more indicative of this current life? 😉



Good Tuesday morning? I mean at this point it’s difficult to keep track. 

Despite waking up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday, I really tried to turn the day around and get some real work done. Working from home is not the most realistic with a toddler but I am attempting to squeeze in what I can. 

Dental offices being forced to close is a very weird thing and I’m grateful that I have this space to create content. Although it may not currently run exactly as it did prior, it’s a wonderful escape from everything else and I hope provides some distraction for you all too!

Lucky for me, I was on the loungewear bandwagon long before quarantine and have been living in most of these pieces. Pregnancy will make you appreciate sweatpants more than you know 😉  

I rounded up a few of my current favorites below and the things I’ve been asked most about over the past few weeks. Let me know if you have any questions on sizing, etc and I hope you are all staying HOME, happy, healthy and sane during this time!




Lots of questions on my ice roller and whether I think it works. Short answer, YES! It feels amazing in the morning and depuffs so well. 

The infamous joggers at this point. I had shared these and the matching sweatshirt back when I was shopping for our babymoon and they have since exploded. The sizes go in and out of stock but keep checking back because they are on sale for $15! I wear a small and think they run on the bigger side. 

I haven’t worn anything in my hair but a scrunchie in months. I have thin hair and these never give me a crease or a headache! 

This is a newer set that I had ordered for pregnancy and post delivery. I saw the matching top and bottom on sale so snagged them. They are both on sale and fully in stock! 

This tie dye set has a short or jogger option and the price is perfect! The sweatshirt is cropped so I had only bought the shorts. 

Man, am I happy I bought this last year. It’s a great way to avoid reheating up your coffee every 30 minutes. 

My poor slippers are about worn to death so I ordered a few new ones to try. These are only $15!

The matching joggers to my set! 

I had bought these for post delivery but have been wearing them weekly. Fit true to size!

Another great slipper option on clearance!

I love this brand and these are on sale as well!

If you happen to be pregnant, these have been a lifesaver. I own the legging version as well but throwing these on with an oversized sweatshirt has been my usual go to. 

The matching sweatshirt to my joggers that also keeps going in and out of stock. I think this runs big as well! 

The coziest pair of slippers I’ve found that are most similar to mine!

My favorite eye patches that are currently buy one get one 50% off!

I LOVE this sweatshirt and I’m sure you have seen me wear it a 1000 times by now. The side slits are perfect and it’s a great length to cover your bum. 

Love this brand and this color. They usually run TTS and are the softest! 

These $15 joggers are a dream and come in a million colors. I sized up because of the bump but would otherwise stay TTS.

I shared this on Instagram yesterday but this is my favorite wireless bra and almost all I wear. It’s on sale for $25 (an amazing deal!) and an extra 20% off with code 29324!


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