Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him And Her

Feb 3, 2017


As miserable as the weather in January has been it sure did seem to fly by. I just read an article that said we only saw 5 days of sunshine in the whole month, that’s brutal! Now that February is rolling around and we have some exciting things on the books, the cold weather seems a little more exciting.

I’m excited that we are headed to Louisville the weekend before Valentine’s Day to celebrate with friends. I’m sure I mentioned it last year, but we get together with our group of friends that all used to live here in Chicago for an ‘adult slumber party’ in Louisville. Everyone has since relocated and it’s the one time a year we all reunite for a fun weekend. My friend Amy is also expecting and our other friends are all newly engaged, so this time we will have lots to celebrate!

Besides the trip, Valentine’s Day isn’t usually a huge deal around here. We will probably stay inn Tuesday night and cook dinner depending on when Trevor get’s home and pass on the presents. We’ve never been huge into holidays and usually find staying in and cooking together to be more fun!

In case you are celebrating, in a new relationship or just wanting to get something small for your partner, I rounded up some of my favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her. 



Girls are always much easier to shop for in my opinion. Makeup, this adorable phone case and clothes are sure to make her smile. I know I’ve shared before that I’m a huge fan of spoiling your lady with beauty products, since so often we don’t get them for ourselves. This Diptyque candle smells like heaven and I love the limited edition vase. I know they are a bit pricey but they last forever and I repurpose all my jars as pencil holders, makeup brush storage or vases. 

For guys, I stick to things I know will go over well. A good watch, house slippers (Trevor loves these!) and this Bose speaker are some of my favorites. My mom got this speaker for Trevor a few years ago and we use it constantly. He also takes it to work with him, so I feel like it gets a ton of usage for the price. 

What do you guys have planned for the holiday? Any new restaurants? 




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