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Jun 14, 2017

This post was obviously written before little Zain made his appearance but I enjoyed looking back on it and wanted to share it with you guys! 


third trimester pregnancy

Full outfit details here


I can’t believe this week has finally come. My due date is quickly approaching on Thursday and whether the baby comes on time or not, I will be signing off for these last two weeks of June. I’ve tried to prepare some amazing content and guest posts for you guys for July so make sure to check back in as normally scheduled. I should be back soon, but did want to take some time away from the internet and any unnecessary stress to enjoy my new family. 

I’m sure I’ll still be sharing over on Instagram so make sure to follow along there for all the real time updates and thank you again for coming along on this journey with us. I have honestly loved connecting with so many of you and can’t wait to share the next and best chapter of our lives with you.

For those of you who may not be into motherhood and all things baby, I am hoping to share most of my ‘mom’ content on Monday’s so you can check back in on those days if it interests you and if not you’ll know when it’s coming. This will not be turning into a ‘mommy blog’ and I’m unsure how much we will actually share but in the first few months it will very much be the center of my life so expect some! If you have any preference or ideas for things you would like to see you can always leave it in the comments or shoot me an email, I’ve loved the suggestions I’ve been getting so far! 

I thought I would share one last pregnancy update before I go:


Feeling: Tired, Swollen and off balance! I had so many people tell me these last weeks would be hard and as grateful as I am to be pregnant and hit few hiccups along the way carrying a big baby around can be taxing on your body. I’m not particularly comfortable sitting or standing and sleep is basically a lost cause at this point. I think mother nature is preparing me for the lack of sleep I will soon be feeling in a whole new way! At around 37 weeks the swelling really hit. It was super hot and humid in Chicago for a weekend and I was out doing way too much. My ankles, hands and face got so puffy and I was just miserable. I ordered a pair of compression stockings and they were literally life changing. If you haven’t tried them, do! After a few days of taking it easy, eating healthier and resting my feet with these socks on the swelling was gone! 


Eating: Nothing out of the ordinary. The amount I can eat at one time has definetely decreased since I think there isn’t much room left but I just find myself eating often throughout the day. I am still trying to stick to my clean eating regimen and exercise routine, although the bigger I get the tougher it is. I’m glad the weather has shaped up for the most part because it makes trips to the gym and walks on The 606 much easier! 


Sleeping: I’m sleeping more when I can actually fall asleep! Reading before bed has helped a ton and I’m trying not to drink too much right before bed so my trips to the restroom can become a little less frequent! 


Wearing: I’ve basically been living in this maxi dress and fitted cotton shirt dress for weeks. I pair them with my Birkenstocks since they’re expandable and a cross body bag. At this point, don’t expect to see me in anything else except Trevor’s sweats. 


Reading: I’ve been referencing the Great Expectations Pregnancy and Childbirth book someone sent me and brushing up on some Breastfeeding and CPR videos online. If you have any good suggestions, send them my way! 


Hope you are all having an amazing week and hopefully we will have some good news to share soon! 


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  1. Anika May says:

    Love the meal plan post, got some great tips!

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