Staying Motivated & Fit During Pregnancy

Mar 10, 2017

pregnancy fitness


Let me start by saying—pregnancy is different for everyone and what makes one person feel good can vary so much from another. Since I have been getting a lot of questions about my fitness routine, I decided to share what has been working for me! Again, this is just what works for me personally—my doctor hasn’t given me any exercise restrictions and I try to stay very aware of what feels good for me and Baby T. 


Favorite Workout Gear:


Start Slow:

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was terrified. I had been on a ‘no working out’ regimen for a bit of time due to my medication schedule and was now petrified I was going to mess this up somehow. During those first few weeks, I attempted to go on slow walks a few times a week, but did nothing more than that. I think it’s normal for everyone to be cautious during this time, miscarriage is so much more common then we realize and on top of our fertility issues I just didn’t want to risk anything. Once I passed that first trimester mark, my doctor encouraged me to get back into my normal routine. She didn’t want me being scared and I didn’t want to be either.


Find A Friend or Join A Gym:

I decided to join a new gym, Chicago Athletic Club to not only find some motivation but also pregnant friends! It had been months since I had entered a gym. I was working out at home occasionally before but had lost all motivation to be in a gym. Since I didn’t have any friends close by that were currently pregnant, I thought joining a gym would be the best way to meet some expecting moms! Not only have I met tons of women in my prenatal classes, I got excited about fitness again. 

Don’t get me wrong, gyms can get old real quick. With pregnancy and even before, I always enjoyed classes so remember to stick to what you love. I started slowly, just a 30 minute elliptical workout with inclines and some hand weights after. As time passed and I felt more comfortable I eased into my running routine, although much slower and more careful than before. It sounds corny but exercising always makes me feel better and brings my energy level back up. 

I also added in a prenatal weight class at my gym that I LOVE, it’s basically body pump for pregnant women and has really helped me fend off pains by building stronger muscles. I was lifting some weights on my own prior but was always worried I was doing too much or too little. Being in class with an instructor helps me feel more confident in my motions plus it’s so nice to chat with other expectant moms!

I also try to make it to my prenatal yoga class once every other week for a long hour and a half session. It’s great to stretch my muscles and always helps me check in with myself and baby but is not the easiest for me to stay focused in. I’ve always had problems staying present in any kind of yoga class, so this has proven to be just as challenging. Each week, it seems to get easier and I’m hoping to continue practicing till delivery day. 


Be Patient & Listen To Your Body: 

Pregnancy is no time to try to achieve your fitness goals, but I think maintaining healthy habits is so important. I feel like so much of my body changes each and every day so working out has become a great way for me to keep anxiety at bay and maintain some sense of normalcy. 

I’m still in my pre pregnancy workout clothes, but am slowly starting to transition and these new Ingrid and Isabel maternity workout pants have been a lifesaver. I picked them up in full leggings and capris and love how the belly band is open in the back. It makes me feel far less ‘squeezed in’ and I think these will come in super handy after the baby arrives too. 


Stay Hydrated: 

Drinking enough water has always been a struggle for me, so increasing my intake during pregnancy was not an easy task. I try to make sure on the days I’m working out I stay extra hydrated before and after plus add in a few more snacks! 


I’m coming up on 27 weeks and my third trimester soon and am hoping to maintain this routine until delivery, but we’ll see how my body cooperates. I’m trying to take everything day by day and enjoy myself. Pregnancy is a wild ride and I want to soak up every second of it! 

Happy Friday and I hope you all enjoy your weekend! I am headed to Louisville this weekend for my baby shower so make sure to follow along


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  1. Lauren Nolan says:

    You are pregnancy GOALS! So fit and strong!! Also, I’m diggin those sneaks ????
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  2. So adorable with your little baby bump! The cutest workout gear…obsessed with those shoes, the comfiest! You looks fabulous!!

  3. Jessica says:

    Love this post! Thank you! You look awesome!