The Best Fall Coats

Sep 29, 2020


Good morning and hello Monday! 

I would be lying if I said last week and this week weren’t heavy. Louisville feels very broken and I know that feeling has been felt across the country. It seems like a lot of life has been heavy lately and despite the despair a lot of us feel, I just want to remind everyone to VOTE! Whether it’s mail in or in person we are all so lucky to have the opportunity and I really urge you to use it. 

I always hope to share resources that are helpful or provide insight for myself over on Instagram stories and if you all ever have anything you feel the same about don’t hesitate to send it my way! 

On a totally different note and with a hard pivot, we are talking coats today. I don’t know about you all but if there is one thing I love about fall and winter it’s a good coat. With the pandemic and so many of us working from home, I feel like it’s the one closet staple you all have been asking me about the most. 

Like a lot of fashion, I truly believe in investing in pieces you make keep for a long time but have also found some amazing gems of coats at great price points. I have a long grey coat that I’ve owned for years and has held up so well from Forever 21. I also have an amazing coat from Abercrombie that I snagged a few years back. 

I rounded up a few new releases that I have been loving this season from select retailers that I trust. I tried to include sizing info below as well as what I am eyeing to purchase as well. 

Hope you are all having a great start to your Monday and let’s hope for a little brightness this week.



I love this boucle style and the color! It comes in two other colors but this olive is bay far my favorite. I think the belt and sleeve detail makes it.

A great teddy coat find! I have a tan style that looks very similar to this and wear it so much every year. This one is currently 65% off and comes in 5 other colors. I always say to stay TTS or size down in a teddy because you don’t want it to overwhelm you. 

Another teddy I couldn’t resist! I like the long length on this one and even though it’s a bit pricier than the other I think the texture is spot on. 

A camel coat dream for me! This style is so classy and I think perfect to dress up or down. 

I know this style of puffer is a little trendy but I am so into. I love this peach color and matter texture and always size up in their pieces. 

I have had a coat in this plaid combo for years and never get tired of it. This one is by one of my favorite coat brands and I usually size down in their pieces. 

Okay, this is THE Amazon puffer everyone raves about and I am very close to purchasing. I love this olive color and have heard it keeps you so warm. 

Another textured puffer under $100 and so chic. I own a coat almost identical to this and love it! 

So similar to the Amazon coat and 50% off! Sadly I own a black coat already and the olive and tan colors are sold out. If you are in the market for black, scoop this up fast!!!

I’m a fan of this brand for puffers and this one is currently 60% off and under $60. TTS. 

Such a cute plaid coat and if you couldn’t tell, I like a belt! 70% off and most sizes stocked. 


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