Kid’s Fall & Winter Staples

Oct 1, 2020


Last week I decided to deep clean the kid’s closets and storage bins! I think it was Zahra growing out of a set of clothes but I felt like I had no idea what the kids actually needed this winter season and what still fit. 

I have given away most of Zain’s clothes to friends so didn’t have much stored away but hadn’t been through his closet in a while. I had him try on all his coats and boots from last year and sort through what we should donate and/or keep. Not surprising, he has grown out of almost everything so I made a list of staples we most urgently needed: light fleece, thin puffer coat, rain and snow boots.

I then cleared through Zahra’s clothes as well and am lucky that so many friends have given her things to use. I really just needed to buy some warm weather basics like leggings, booties, and a good winter coat

I thought I would share what I ended up buying and a few things we already own and love for the fall and winter months! Let’s start with some tried and true favorites:


Glove Set

Zain has had this set for the past two years and they are great. Very affordable and perfect to send to school!



I always buy the version of this fleece they release every year. Inexpensive and holds up well!


Winter Hat

I bought matching versions of these for Zain and Trevor. It’s so cute and doesn’t lift off his head at all!


Tennis Shoes

I buy a different color combo of this shoe every time he grows out of the old pair. He has wide feet and these fit so well and are supportive so I have just stuck with it. They are also always on sale at Nordstrom Rack!



I buy these pants in a few colors every single season. They last all year no matter how much he tries to wear them out and are so affordable.



I always stock up on a few zip up hoodies and sweatshirts and I love this brand! High quality without breaking the bank.



I don’t pick up a ton of fancy stuff for Zain but do grab one or two nice sweaters for him to wear throughout the winter. Janie and Jack is my favorite place to find them and they usually have a sale going on!


Puffer Jacket

I know I always share this one but we buy the same coat for him everytime he grows out of one. I just like that their packable puffers work in a car seat and hold up really well. I think they run big! 


As for baby stuff, I think I have most of what I need but have also forgotten what that even means for a baby 😉 If you have any essentials you swear by let me know and don’t forget I shared where I love to shop for Zahra and some fun fall and winter clothing picks for her in this post





Hope you are all surviving the week and I can not believe it is October 1st tomorrow!



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