How We Chose Our Double Stroller & What We Think Now

Sep 24, 2020

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Good morning friends! 

Today’s post is one I have been meaning to write for quite some time however I really wanted to provide you all with an in depth review of our double stroller which meant using it for a bit longer prior. We ultimately decided on the Babyjogger CT Mini GT2 before Zahra was born and I am happy to say it has been the best fit. I thought I would highlight a few reasons why we love it below and expand on how we made our decision!

I am also thrilled to be working with Buy Buy Baby again since they are one of my favorite brand partners. I do want to note that we bought this stroller and stroller organizer before this particular collaboration ever came about. We actually used our completion discount from our registry there to snag it before Zahra was born which is another amazing reason to register with them!

So, on to the stroller situation. When I was pregnant with Zain, we had purchased the Uppababy Cruz and Mesa car seat which we still have and use. I decided on the Cruz at the time because I wasn’t sure if we would have any other children and it was lighter in weight than the Vista. In hindsight I am glad I did because I don’t think a double that wasn’t side by side would have worked for us. Zain is very chatty and wants to see his sister constantly so something front and back would have been tough.

Since we had registered at Buy Buy Baby both times we were pretty comfortable with the process and knew to rely on their knowledge. Although we didn’t do an in person visit like last time, chatting with them was so insightful. I ended up calling the store and asking probably a thousand questions before and after our purchase which was so helpful. When I highlighted what was most important to us our associate immediately recommended this stroller and I’m so glad I trusted her. 

Here’s a few of the reasons we continue to rave about it:


It’s All Terrain

We live in a park that is not only gorgeous but filled with trails, walking paths and hills. Not only that but our neighborhood is very urban feeling and we walk everywhere. For those reasons alone, I knew I wanted something that had air filled rubber tires and all wheel suspension. It’s so easy to maneuver through rough patches and practically pushes itself which is helpful with two kids. 


It Reclines Fully

Since I wanted to use the stroller as soon as possible to get out on walks, I needed something that reclined fully to accommodate Zahra before she could hold her head up. Both seats have a 5 point harness so I was also able to use the Uppababy Snug Seat for extra support in the beginning as well. The reclining positions are fully customizable instead of having levels to click into like most other strollers. There is a cord on the back of the seat that you just adjust with a clip. 


Tons of Storage

The basket underneath has so much storage! I will say I’ve heard the newer versions do not have the bar across the back like ours. The bar makes it impossible to push much through the rear but I just throw our things in from the side. Since the basket is mesh it’s easy for me to pull down. Also, both footrest areas in the front snap open so you can store things that way as well. I also use this stroller organizer across the top that works great and has a little insulated area which is wonderful to keep Zahra’s bottles in. 


Big Shades

Since we tend to go on very long walks and are out and about a lot, I really wanted an all encompassing shade. These go so far forward and have UV 50 with two magnetic windows you can flap back. 


Fits Through A Door

This was probably our biggest determining factor! Although I haven’t really been anywhere thanks to Covid I didn’t want a double I couldn’t get through a door. This fits through any standard door as well as all of our house doors unlike a lot of the other jogging strollers we considered. 


Folds up easily 

You just pull the center tab on the stroller and it essentially collapses and folds on it’s own. I knew I needed something that I could handle on my own with two kids and not be breaking my back folding and unfolding. 



As far as other strollers we own, we have held onto our Uppababy which I’m happy about because Zahra is using that car seat and it’s great when I am running out with just her. We also still have the Uppababy Minu travel stroller that I love and now keep with my mom. 

Hope this was helpful and if you have any other questions at all just send them over or leave them in the comments!




This post is sponsored by Buy Buy Baby, a brand we love and trust! 


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