The Best Educational Apps For Toddlers

Apr 20, 2020


Hi friends! 

Happy Monday morning and here’s to another week! Can you believe we are on week 6? I’m proud of us all! I am also very thankful the forecast looks bright and sunny this week and can’t wait to get out for a walk today. The gloomy days really make you realize how much weather and the sun shining affect your mood and being able to get outside with a toddler is everything.  

As for today’s pots, I had originally planned on just sharing this over on Instagram stories but you all sent in SO MANY great suggestions so I figured having a permanent spot for this list was easier. In case you missed it last week, I asked for recommendations on the best educational apps for kids.

Zain has never had a tablet or iPad (we do have this LeapFrog he plays with occasionally) but we’ve only ever used one for road trips or traveling to watch Mickey Mouse or a movie. We’re not crazy about limiting screen time per se but it’s just never seemed necessary so I’ve avoided it thus far.

Well, I stumbled upon an old one Trevor had gotten in residency while cleaning last week and thought now was the time to give it a go! I am the first to admit I am not the greatest school teacher and after having been home solo with him for over a month I’m hoping it can provide some much needed reinforcement.

So, without further ado here is everything you all sent in:


ABC Mouse

PBS Kids

Khan Academy

Homer Reading 

Epic Reading 






Xtra Math


Kidopia Learning Games

ABC Ride

Endless Alphabet

Preschool Prep

Duck Duck Moose


Go Noodle

Sago Mini School

Money Math

Toca Boca

Daniel Tiger Day & Night 

Toya Tap 

Elmo ABC’s


Smart Shapes

Wet Dry Try



Hope this helps a bit! I am downloading a few and trying them out over the next few weeks so will be sure to share updates over on Instagram. Cheers to getting through another week friends 🙂 




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