3 Drinks To Get You Through Quarintine

Apr 17, 2020


Morning friends!

We have made it to Friday!!! I went into the last half of this week with a hopeful and more positive outlook and it has definitely helped. Despite the cooler temps early on, things seems to be in more of a rhythm which is comforting and nice. I finally compiled a list of things I need to do before babies arrival and got a few things hung in the room. Despite the room not needing to be done before her arrival, I feel like it’s something I can work on and gives me peace. 

I’m also thinking of trying out a tablet with Zain. Do any of you use them with your toddlers? He will be 3 next month and has used a LeapFrog before but not an iPad. I know Trevor has an older one somewhere in the house from residency and was thinking of researching some educational or helpful games/exercises for him to try. I am by no means a school teacher and thought it may be a new and great way for him to learn that doesn’t involve new equipment. If you have any suggestions, leave them below please! 

As for today’s post, I thought I would compile the recipes for all the random drinks I’ve been making since we’ve been at home. If anything, I know you are all working/parenting/surviving at home and nothing boosts my mood like a good drink around 4pm. I’m obviously not drinking alcohol at the moment so these have all been doing the trick and keeping it exciting! 




Iced Coffee


This is one of my favorites and probably the only way I can drink a black coffee! This is the Nespresso machine we have and can’t recommend it enough. We had a ‘fancier’ model prior and I never used it. I love how simple and easy to use this is and that it comes with the frother. It both warms and cools! I had ordered a ton of these Iced Coffee pods last summer so still have those left but heard great things about these as well. You can also just brew your normal coffee, store it in the fridge overnight and pour over ice with a splash of creamer the next day and enjoy! 





Virgin Moscow Mule


These have been my go to during pregnancy! I love them in the summer and something about the spicy ginger makes it so enjoyable. I generally use Gosling’s Ginger Beer and recently had many of you share that you use the diet version and it’s really good so I will be trying that! I just muddle some fresh mint and lime in a shaker, pour in the ginger beer, mix and pour over crushed ice! I usually drink mine in copper mugs we got a few years ago.




Iced Skinny Chai Latte


This recipe is from my friend Beth over at Seersucker and Saddles! I modified it a tiny bit since I don’t want to drink a ton of caffeine, especially later in the day. I combine 1/4 cup Tazo Skinny Chai Latte Concentrate with 1/2 cup Unsweetened Organic Almond milk, a dash of honey and blend. I just pour that over ice and top with cinnamon and it is so good! I also heard from a lot of you that the Oregon Chai is delicious so I will be trying that next! These are the straws we have and use but do make sure these are not around your kids! If Zain is awake while I’m enjoying this I use these straws 🙂 This is the blender we have and has worked well for us for the past few years. It is definitely no Vitamix but get’s the job done and is currently on sale. 





A couple other questions I had was about our drinkware! Almost all of our outdoor glasses are from World Market. They always go on sale and have held up really well for us! These are my favorite wine glasses that I get questions on a lot and trust me, they are worth it 🙂 


Hope these drinks give you a little pick me up this week and make sure to tag me if you make them! 



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  1. Julia Kr. says:

    Moscow mules are my favorite! I’ve never tried Gosling’s Ginger Beer, I don’t think? Is it very spicy? Somehow I prefer my ginger beers on the milder/less spicy side.

    And great idea to make them virgin! Somehow I don’t fancy drinking vodka in the middle of an afternoon (but hey, no judgement if you do, and if there was ever a time to do so…).