Sézane Sizing Guide

Feb 29, 2024

Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week going? I am excited to expand on Sézane and what I hope is a useful sizing guide today. We have been drenched with rain the past couple days but the weekend is looking up and my sinuses are finally calming down. I am used to sinus issues always having seasonal allergies and living back in Louisville but this past week has been crippling. My antibiotic, nose spray, and allergy meds were working in overdrive since my kids were excited to play outside everyday. 

Today I wanted to expand a little on Sézane and their sizing since I have been receiving a lot of DM’s about it! If you are new to the French brand, it’s quite literally a dream and a favorite of mine. They make truly beautiful pieces that feel classic and luxurious all while being sustainable. I know the sizing can be confusing and find the tops and bottoms to differ so let’s break it all down. 



I find their tops to run fairly TTS! Keep in mind, French brands run small in general In my opinion so while I may normally reach for a 2 in a US brand I would opt for a 4 in their tops. If something appears oversized or has a more giving cut I will size down to a 2. Two of my top recommendations would be the Max Shirt which I wear at least once weekly and any version of their white lace blouses. I bought mine years ago and wear it consistently each year for so many different occasions!





I find them to run small. I take a 6 across the board and love the way their trousers fit, the Dan is my favorite! Can not recommend them enough.





Again, runs small and I usually size up 2 sizes. I take a 27 or 28 in their denim and would always recommend the Brut Sexy to start! 






I find these to run TTS and generally take a Small unless it seems oversized and then I’ll size down to an XS. If you are sensitive to alpaca be sure to look at their composition! None of their sweaters itch me but they have great options with no itch factor like the Betty Cardigan which I love so much. My top recommendation would be the Gaspard Cardigan but it does have some alpaca in it so just be aware, it goes with anything and everything though. 





If a dress is loose throughout the body I stay TTS and generally order a 4. If it is something that is more fitted through the hips I will size up to a 6. 




Skirts & Shorts

Same concept as their dresses! I stay TTS if loose through the hips and size up if fitted. 





I find these to run roomy and this may be because most of their styles are intentionally oversized, I wear a 4. I love that I can layer underneath their coats and have been dying to snag this Clyde Trench in my size. 





I don’t own any of their bags but have almost bought one so many times and now I’m wondering if I need this wicker bag? Their leather handbags remind me so much of Celine at a more affordable price point. I do however own their card case which they just brought back and it is the BEST! I told every one of my friend’s husbands to buy one for them for the holidays. 





Betty Cardigan – Size XS

sezane sizing guide



Marc Coat – Size 4

sezane sizing guide



Rym Shirt – Size 4

sezane sizing guide



Rome Shorts – Size 6

sezane sizing guide



Max Shirt – Size 2

sezane sizing guide



Raquel Dress – Size 4


Dan Trouser – Size 6

sezane sizing guide



Gaspard Cardigan – Size XS

sezane sizing guide



Marylis Jumper – Size Small 

sezane sizing guide





I hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions! Most other pieces from these pictures will be linked over on my LTK



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