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Mar 2, 2024

Hello Saturday! 

How is everyone’s weekend? Zahra and I had a little girls night last night and it was absolutely precious. Zain and Trevor went to a Korean BBQ with friends so we made brownies and watched a movie and she was absolutely delighted. I have to say, her little 3 almost 4 years old personality is the absolute best. We have a full day of swim lessons and birthday parties today but I am thrilled for a girls night at my friend Amy’s. A low key hang with friends is always my preferred way to spend time together and I can’t wait!

Let’s get into things around the web that caught my eye: 


8 Destination Dupes for a Budget-Friendly Trip That Feels Bucket List-Worthy


Did you order this Sézane inspired cardigan? A reader sent it in and said it’s fabulous so report back if you did! 


Speaking of Sézane, did you catch my big blog post this week? The sweater I can’t recommend enough included. 


Since watching True Detective I’ve been devouring Jodie Foster intel and this article was great. 


Thank you for helping me choose a Gala dress, I of course went rogue but loved what I wore and highly recommend the brand. 


We all need 23 Sheet-Pan Recipes for Low-Fuss Meals


Jennifer Lawrence (and fellow Louisvillian) has never looked better, here’s why!


I am in love with this little scalloped stoneware bowl, filled it with Easter candy. 


Have a vaca coming up? I love this under $100 two-piece set!


Kensington Palace address the Kate Middleton rumors.


Love this little $13 crochet tote, bought it for our trip! 


These sandals are on my wishlist, been looking at them since last season. 


The Alabama IVF ruling that is hopefully going to protect IVF was passed.


Obsessed with these sailor denim trousers!



Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


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