10 Skincare Products I Couldn’t Live Without

Feb 26, 2024

Good morning and hello Monday

The sun is shining and the temps are supposed to be in the 70’s today but I took the kids outside to play yesterday for a few hours and my sinuses are not having it. I was hoping to sneak a walk through the park in before pick up but I think I will be opting out of that until I can get this under control. 

I shared recently in a Q&A that I haven’t used Botox or Filler before and was currently okay with my over the counter serums and LED mask line up and several of you asked me to expand on that so I thought this would be helpful! I will say, I am a bit of a beauty junkie meaning I love to try new things and test out the waters so some of these are newer and some tried and true and that I could never give up. Here are a few skincare products I couldn’t live without: 



I have used Supergoop Unseen and Glow Screen off and on for a few years and like them but switched over to Live Tinted about a year or so ago and haven’t looked back. The company is owned by a brown woman and I love what they are doing in the beauty space and how the focus on inclusion. Little things like having their shades numbered darkest to lightest instead of the other way around are really a vibe for me. I originally sought this out because it has no white cast meaning it’s a clean mineral sunscreen with no white residue which can be a problem for people with darker complexions. It has never caused me any build up or breakouts and I saw they just released a new tinted version I may need to try! 



I am a loyal Ultra Facial Cream fan and use it every single day! I find their lotion to moisturize without feeling to heavy or clogging my skin. 



I’m not great at keeping up with masking but I do try to do it once a week in the shower! My top two are the Kiehl’s Rare Earth clay mask and the Versed Resurfacing Mask that essentially feels like the Tata for less. 


Face Wash 

I am currently rotating between a few cleansers but they are all clean and very affordable! Versed is an old tried and true and I swear by their cleansing balm especially when I need eye makeup removed. I also love the Versed Purist cleanser for everyday use! More recently I discovered Current State and have been really impressed. Everything is clean and under $25 which is truly hard to find! I have been loving Balancing Gel Cleanser



I also alternate between a few tried and true serums and try to sneak in the Retinoid once a week depending on what I’m doing. I have never tried a prescription retinol so don’t have anything to compare to but I love this one! I love using a Vit C serum multiple times a week and this Tatcha and Sunday Riley are my usual. 


Under Eye 

I don’t have any magic under eye cream to share and honestly that’s always one of my focal points since I just naturally have dark circles under my eye but I do love this Auto Correct to depuff and wake me up! Works wonders! 


LED Mask 

This is probably the only beauty device I have been able to stick to because it’s so easy to use! I can wear it while getting things done around the house or just use the 10 minutes to relax. I use my LED mask a few times a week on a clean face and neck and I think it works wonders. You can use ‘lowstoluxe‘ at checkout for 15% off still! 




If you have any skincare products you swear by please leave them in the comments, I would love to check them out! 


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