Second Trimester Q&A

Jun 10, 2020

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While I realize this post was intended to go live months ago when I was actually in my second trimester, I figure now is better than never 😉 I can’t believe how close we are and wanted to answer some of the questions you all had sent in and a few other things I’ve been asked frequently. 



How is pregnancy during quarantine?

It’s been going pretty well all things considered! I’m grateful for our health and this time I’ve been able to spend with Zain for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, it has been an adjustment to be off work and home with him full time but I’ve also realized how many outside stresses affect us. I’ve been able to be far more present with him and really soak up our one on one time. 



Does going to the doctor feel different? 

It does! Beyond the socially distant protocols it honestly causes me a bit of anxiety and stress. I haven’t really been inside anywhere since this all started so being in a doctor’s office while pregnant feels odd. 

As far as the appointment themselves, they have been pretty routine. My doctor has cancelled a few that she didn’t feel were necessary and I’m thankful to not make the extra trips. I know no one is allowed to accompany you but that isn’t really anything new to me. Trevor wasn’t able to come to most of my appointments when I was pregnant with Zain and thankfully he was able to be there for the 20 week scan since it was before all of this happened. 



What new things did you buy for the new baby? 

I shared a post on everything we registered for here



Anything you used with Zain you aren’t this time around? 

I think we are mostly using all of the same things! I did sell my DockATot after last time and decided to go with the Snuggle Me Organic this time around. My girlfriend also handed me down an Ollie swaddle and we plan on using that too! 



How are you preparing Zain? 

We’ve just been talking about the baby a lot! In case you missed It, he named her baby Chocolate Milk and seems so excited about everything. He talks about her constantly and includes in her in conversations which is the sweetest. 

We plan on getting him a little something from her for when we bring her home so he is even more excited! 



Is the nursery done? 

Ha, no! I remember being done with Zain’s room so early last time and that just hasn’t happened this time around. We did finally get the wallpaper and curtains hung but are still waiting on the light fixture and a few other things. I imagine I won’t be sharing a full post on it till after she arrives but will try to snap a few pictures along the way and share over on Instagram



Will you breastfeed? 

I plan to! I talked about my experience with Zain here and hope to have a successful go around this time around again. I will say, I am putting way less pressure on myself. Last time I felt so much guilt when I didn’t make it to a year and I now know it doesn’t matter. Fed is best and even when you try to prepare things may not go as planned. 

Zain refused to drink any of my frozen breast milk so there’s that… 



Did you start showing earlier this time around? 

I definitely did! I don’t think I showed last time till around 20 weeks and this time around I could tell at 14-16 weeks.



What maternity bras and clothes have been your favorite? 

I honestly haven’t worn a lot of maternity clothes this time around and that could be due to the fact that we aren’t going anywhere. Madewell makes my favorite jeans and the only ones I wear, this black dress is a staple and so incredibly comfortable and this tank is what I live in. As far as leggings I have these and these and love the biker shorts I bought this time around. 

As far as nursing bras, I used these and these last time around and plan on doing the same this time! 





What do you use for stretch marks? 


With Zain I used this cream I picked up after getting a spa service from Soho House and loved it! This time around I have used that, Bio-Oil and Cocoa Butter on rotation. I am not very religious about it but use something every evening when I get out of the shower. 

I have stretch marks on my legs from when I grew in high school so expected to get them while pregnant but never had any with Zain and haven’t seen any this time around either so maybe these are really effective! 




What are some baby names you considered? 


Honestly, we never had a list for Zain or this baby. We only had two names we considered this time and I think we are using both for a first and last name. If I come across others I like I will be sure to share! 





I think that covers everything and if I missed you question feel free to send me a DM or email! 



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