Fitness Update: Classes, Gym Memberships & Everything In Between

Mar 9, 2018

orange theory workouts

Top: Old – similar here, here and love this one! | Leggings: Nordstrom – love these too!| Shoes: Allbirds – the perfect athleisure shoe, make sure to order up a 1/2 size!


Morning y’all and TGIF!

I know I have been sharing a lot of new fitness information on Instagram stories lately and have loved getting your opinions and advice on new things to try. Since I’ve tried a variety of new classes and workouts in the last month and everyone has been so curious as to the results, I thought I would share a tiny update on what I liked, what I didn’t and some favorite workout gear

So, here we go:


Gym Membership: LIFE CHANGING. This is mostly thanks to the daycare and the fact that I can now sneak in workouts during the day. I wrote a little bit more about how this has helped us here but all in all I think if you have kids it is totally worth it. Even if you don’t have kids, I think a gym with great classes is a great option. It’s far less costly than a boutique studio and I have found a few classes that I can’t live without. 

Personal Training: I’m meh about this. I met with a trainer, had all my stats evaluated and had a few workouts but wasn’t crazy about it. I know every trainer is different so that play sa huge role but for the cost I just couldn’t justify it. I think it may be something that I do maybe 4 times a year just to check in and see my progress but I felt like I could push myself in classes or on my own. This is also hard with a kid because getting anywhere on time is an added stress haha and I hate working out at night. 

Orange Theory: LOVE! It was insanely hard but such a great workout and I so wish they had daycare. Like I said previously I will never go workout in the evenings, I’m more of a 6am workout girl so getting there too many times a week isn’t really feasible. However, doing this on the weekends is my plan and I highly recommend going with a friend! It’s a little but like Shred 415 and Barry’s Bootcamp if you have done either of those in that you alternate cardio and weights but OT does 30 min cardio on t he treadmill and 30 min weights with the rower mixed in. I liked the setup of class and pushed myself way harder on the treadmill than I ever have before. 

Flywheel: Still a favorite and have now started working in the barre classes. I am not a normal ‘barre’ fan – I find Pure Barre and things of that sort a little too slow and not effective for me. I like more high intensity workouts so if that is you definitely try Flybarre. It’s high paced, so insanely difficult and the instructors are all amazing. 

At Home Workouts: An okay substitute for me if I can’t get out of the house but I’m just so bad at carving out time for this at home and getting out for a workout is way more effective for me. If you are doing any, I really love the Beach Body program and the 30 minute workouts are killer. 


As far as workout gear:

I covered some favorites here a little while ago but have recently repurchased some of my must have’s and since I get a lot of questions on them on Instagram thought I would share here. 


Workout Leggings: These leggings are a must have! I now own two pairs and trust me when I say they are worth every penny. They do go on sale occasionally and I always try to share immediately via Instagram stories so follow along there if you aren’t already or follow me in the Like To Know It app and I will update sale stuff there too. 

Sports Bra: Ever since having Zain, this is the only sports bra I want to wear. It’s supportive, comfortable and doesn’t make me feel soaked at the end of classes. 

Tanks: I love a lot of tanks! These, these and these are probably my top three and a vintage tee always works well too. 

Sweatshirt: With this weather I have been living in this and this not only when I head to classes but on the weekends as well. 

Windbreaker: I just bought this and am so excited. Obviously the color palette is to die for but this will be perfect for the spring weather!

Shoes: I am usually tried and true to these Nike’s (I have narrow feet and they have always fit me best) but just invested in a new pair of Asics (what I used to wear when I ran daily) and think they will be a giant help in classes and OT.




allbirds tennis shoes


Let me know what you guys have been getting into workout wise and here’s to a healthy and happy March! 



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  1. Those pants are my favorite! I always look for Zella sales during the anniversary sale too! Flybarre sounds cool, wish there was one in Denver!

  2. Mimi says:

    totally agree about barre! I go to Pure Barre every once in a while more for the stretches, ha! Flybarre is SO much more athletic and the song per muscle group format makes it impossible to get boring! Thanks for the post 🙂

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