My All Time Favorite Workout Gear

Dec 19, 2017


With the holidays approaching, I thought it may be the perfect time to share some of my favorite workout gear. I have been getting a lot of messages and emails asking about certain favorites of mine and thought rounding them up in one place would be helpful. Since I’ve fallen off the wagon the past week or so (thank plague!) and the New Year is coming up there is no better way to jump start you back into a routine or just reward yourself for all your hard work. 

I used to loathe spending money on workout gear. I thought it was pointless and every brand was the same but I was gravely mistaken. It doesn’t mean everything I like is higher priced but when it comes to certain items it’s best to splurge a little, I’m looking at you sports bras! Some of my favorite brands for workout gear are Old Navy (tops mostly!), Zella (ALL TIME fave for everything and well priced!), AthletaNike and APL (the best shoes!).

As far as what to spend on, don’t skimp on workout pants or bras. I used to snag the Old Navy workout pants but after a use or two I realized they didn’t wick well and would get uncomfortable while working out. They often stretched out and would then ride up and just didn’t hold me in as well. Once I switched to Zella it was life changing. The price difference is honestly not that much and I think the quality is amazing! I still like to browse Old Navy and Gap for workout tops—especially when they are on sale 🙂 

As far as bra’s, I like different brands for different things. If it’s something lighter like pilates or barre I love Nike’s fit and minimal support bra’s. When I was pregnant and after having Zain I would find myself having to wear two bra’s so I started ordering and trying a lot and really loved this one! It was thick enough to offer me the coverage I needed but still cute and didn’t make me feel unsupported.

Shoes was another big trial and error experience for me. Back in the day, when I ran almost daily I often invested in Asics or some other running shoe. Now that I mostly do workout classes, spinning or barre a shoe has a little bit of a different need. I still love my Nike’s—they are so lightweight and flexible while still giving me support but APL has won me over. I initially bought them when they caught my eye on Shopbop a few years ago and since they have exploded. They are not only so cute (I wear them to run errands and go out all the time!) they are great in the gym too. I obviously love neutrals so picked my faves below but they have so many colors and options. 


Best Workout Pants



Best Workout Tops



Best Sports Bras



Best Outerwear



Best Accessories




What workout gear do you all swear by? I’m always looking for new brands! 


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  1. Caitlin Edwards says:

    Zella is the best!! I love their pants for any activity.

    I love Asics shoes too!!