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Mar 5, 2020


Happy Thursday! 

I’m ecstatic that this week has been better than the last 🙂 I’m not sure if it was the week of my pregnancy, the weather or my cold but I could barely move last week and felt so sluggish. Today’s to do list is a long one but I’m excited to start checking things off and am thrilled to finally share some Nursery Inspo with you all!

I will admit, I haven’t thought about this pregnancy or nursery nearly as much as I did last time so it’s time to get on it. As a second child myself, I feel this ha! I have been going back and forth on ideas and finally think I have a bit of direction. 

So much of the inspiration I find on Pinterest Is neutral and lovely but sometimes that palette can get overdone and unexciting to me. Hello! I’m the woman who used black grasscloth wallpaper in her dining room and crane wallpaper in her bathroom 😉 Although I love this first picture and plan on using these shelves somewhere in the room, I am leaning toward a much more bold and fun room. 

I moved the dresser and changer from Zain’s room into the nursery when we switched his room over so it’s nice to not totally start from scratch. This dresser has held up so well and I can’t recommend it enough if you are looking! 

I’m also planning on doing the same thing in this nursery as I did with Zain’s and finding a big plush chair! I wasn’t a fan of rockers last time and prefer something I can fold my legs up into and be cozy in. I will be testing out the ones I included below and report back! Same goes for the blackout curtains we have in all of our rooms. They are a little pricey but look amazing and block out all the light! 


Neutral & Simple

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Bold & Fun

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I ordered a few wallpaper samples from York Wallcoverings that I will share with you guys on Instagram stories later today and I feel like once I decide on that, the rest will start coming together. I also shared some pieces below that I’ve saved to a nursery folder in case you are looking. Would love to hear feedback on anything you loved or didn’t in your nursery! 




















Hope you all have a productive Thursday!


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Bold and fun all the way! I agree, so over all the neutrals, I just don’t understand the appeal of it and it seems so overdone. I love a great use of color, especially for kids!! Can’t wait to see it.