Our Tiny Bathroom Makeover: Before & After

Nov 30, 2018

bathroom makeover before after

Wallpaper: York Wallcoverings – available here & hereMirror: RejuvenationTowel Ring: CB2Toilet Paper Holder: Amazon – I originally ordered this one from CB2 but sadly it protruded from the wall too much for our tiny space | Sconce: Cedar & Moss – loved this Rejuvenation one too! | Towel: Serena & LilySoap: Home Goods – similarCandle: Target


Guys! I am so excited to finally share our tiny bathroom makeover!

This little space was our first project when we moved in and we finally feel like it’s done. I included some before pictures below and you can see what a difference new wallpaper and accessories can make. This bathroom sits underneath our stairs and I love it so much. 

We debated switching out the faucet and in the end decided against it and I’m glad. I love mixing metals but two was my max and since we went with matte black accessories I didn’t want it to be too much black and teeter on cheesy. I decided to keep the silver since it matched the exposed pipes and if we eventually tire of it, we can always change it out in the future. 

So, the first big project was wallpaper. This took so long for me to choose but I knew I wanted something bold and fun. Since the room is so small I figured it was the perfect place to get away with something colorful and thought a lighter color would add some brightness. I researched how this York Wallcoverings print looked in so many different rooms and ultimately decided on this particular color. 

We loved our wallpaper technician (message me if you are looking!) and he did a wonderful job. He recommended painting the ceiling before we got started so we did and in hindsight I wish we had put fresh paint on the baseboards and molding. It bothers me now but is kind of hard to correct with the brand new wallpaper. 

Once he removed the old wallpaper we found the walls to be a little uneven (everything in old homes is uneven haha) so he placed a liner and let it dry for a day. He installed the next day and it looked amazing! After the wallpaper was up I knew exactly what I wanted accessory wise. 

I purchased this simple mirror first along with the towel holder and toilet paper holder. We installed those first and then really got stuck when it came time to picking lighting. There wasn’t a ton of space above or below the outlet and I wanted something beautiful but simple since the wallpaper was so bold. 

We went back and forth between this Rejuvenation light and Cedar and Moss sconce for days but ultimately went with the Cedar and Moss. I love all of their light fixtures and the craftsmanship is so amazing. 

Overall, we love the transformation and think it was well worth the investment. 




bathroom makeover

This photo should give you an idea of where the bathroom sits when you enter the house!

bathroom before

Little things like that towel rack being removed made such a difference

bathroom makeover before

The wallpaper and mirror weren’t our particular style and that’s all our eyes focused on!

bathroom sconce

The bathroom had the same sconce as the hallways which we switched out!



bathroom makeover after

york wallpaper designs

black bathroom towel ring

bathroom soap

cedar and moss sconce

cedar and moss sconce

bathroom styling

black toilet paper holder




What do you all think? Tackled a bathroom makeover before? 




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  1. Breck says:


  2. Kay says:

    You guys did a great job! Love the pieces you guys chose!

  3. Euna says:

    Looks absolutely beautiful. A great mix of color and modern!

  4. Kristin says:

    This looks so light, fun and fresh! The wallpaper is so good. What a great transformation!

  5. Bee Keeton says:

    We live in the neighborhood and also want to do a half bath under the stairs! Would you be willing to share your contractors info? This is just my style! Thank you

    • shaheen khan says:

      Hi Bee! We didn’t use a contractor just someone to install the wallpaper! We did everything else ourselves but if you need a wallpaper technician’s info just shoot me an email!