My Mom’s Cabbage Recipe

Apr 18, 2021


Good morning! 

I am beyond excited to share today’s recipe in partnership with Our Place! As you all know, they are one of my favorite brands and I use my Always Pan daily. I’ve also been trying to perfect this Cabbage recipe since it is one of my favorite dishes and I request it often from my mom.

In honor of Spring and Mother’s Day Our Place is releasing a new beautiful Terracotta Always Pan and I was so excited to cook with it. The color is stunning and it has all the same amazing qualities as the others. If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift I think this would be perfect! 

I gifted my mom a pan for her birthday and she loves it! I’ll be honest, I’m a little shocked because Indian mothers tend to be very attached to their pans. However she was using mine all the time when she was here so I went for it and I’m so glad I did. I think she prefers how deep it is making it much easier to cook curries in than a traditional pan. 

As I’m sure is true with a lot of amazing cooks, my mom writes nothing down and doesn’t really ‘follow recipes’ so it takes some practice for me. I’ve been cooking it with her over the past few months so I could perfect it on my own and  share the amazing recipe. It could easily be a main dish or a side dish with curry and it’s just so satisfying.

Aside from being a huge fan of the Our Place brand mission and purpose their products are also wonderful. I shared a full review of the Always Pan previously and we use their dishware and glasses daily! One of the most important features of the Always Pan is that it is non-toxic, free of Teflon, PTFE’s and PFA’s. It also comes with a strainer that is so helpful! I use it to cook pasta, rinse veggies and so much more. It allows me to only use one pan for most of our meals which is such a gift! The stackable glasses are also a favorite and so low profile. They are easy to store plus are a great size for water, wine, cocktails and just about everything. If you are ever looking for a housewarming gift I highly recommend them!

A few notes on the Always Pan! The non-stick works just as well today as it did the first day I got it and the ceramic has held up really well. I have a stories highlight from a few weeks ago showing me cooking with my oldest Always Pan which is about a year old. I bought that first pan when I originally discovered the brand, their mission for sustainability and that they were owned by a woman of color.

I do think it’s very important to note that with any non-toxic non-stick pan you need to be cognisant of heat! They are not meant to use on high heat and I never turn it over medium. It’s crucial to maintaining that non-stick for any pan including the Always Pan. I also only hand wash the pan despite it being dishwasher safe. I am accustomed to hand washing any pan’s I use and it takes just a few quick second with a bit of dish soap and a soft sponge. To be honest I use it so much, I am generally just washing it and setting it back on the stove. 

If you are thinking of investing in the pan or dishware I can’t recommend the Dinner for 4 bundle enough. It’s a great deal cost wise ($250 from $290) and allows you to try the pan and have a setting for 4! Also, don’t forget to use my code which is ‘SHAHEEN10‘ for 10% off your order. It won’t stack on the bundle but applies to everything else!

If you have any questions about the Always Pan, dishware or glasses please let me know and I hope you enjoy the cabbage this Spring! 



1/2 Head of Cabbage

3 tbsp Canola Oil

1 tbsp Mustard Seeds

1 tbsp Channa Dal

15 Curry Leaves

1/4 teaspoon Hing

2 cloves garlic, sliced and mashed

1 Yellow Onions, sliced 

5 Green chilies, sliced 

3/4 tsp Turmeric

1/2 tsp salt 



Heat 3 tbsp canola oil on medium till hot

Slowly add in mustard seeds until it pops

Once they start to pop add curry leaves, channa dal, garlic and chilis and turn heat to low

Stir fry for a minute or two and then add in hing and your onions. Raise the heat to medium and stir fry until onions are translucent.

Once the onions are translucent add turmeric and salt and reduce heat back to low.

Add in cabbage, mix everything together and cover and cook on medium/low for 15 minutes.

Top with cilantro and serve!








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