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Apr 16, 2021

I had snapped this pic last week during the Sephora sale and it has a few of my tried and true favorites plus this new Clinique moisturizer!


Good morning! 

I am not a huge beauty buyer but I do like to test out new things every once in a while and a few weeks ago I realized I needed a couple specific items. I have been pretty impressed and thought I would share in case you all are looking for something similar. 

First up, the Billie razor. Yes you have seen every ‘influencer’ talk about them and I am now officially on board. I know sometimes it can be odd to see so many people talk about the same thing at the same time but I wholeheartedly trust the friends I have seen sharing it over the past year and honestly just needed something I didn’t have to worry about restocking. It’s kind of like how I waited to jump on the Ritual chain for so long. My neighbor raved about them and although I worked with them in the past I pay for our subscriptions! I signed Trevor up after I took them for a few months and he really liked them too. I think my code ‘LUXE10’ should still work for 10% off too!

Okay, back to Billie. If you are new to the brand, it is a subscription razor that automatically ships when you are due for a new one. It is only $9 and so convenient! I will try to share a full review once I have used it a bit longer but I love it so far. I also went ahead and added on their face wipes and dry shampoo because friends love it so I’ll report back on those as well. 


Next up is this Cera Ve Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin. I have dermatitis pilaris on my upper arms and a bit on my legs and always have. For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with it and I feel like arms have been getting worse lately. I scoured the web for good options and have been really impressed with this so far. The price is wonderful compared to other lotions I browsed too!


Lastly this La-Roche Posay Vit C Serum! I love the brand’s sunscreen and decided to buy this since so many of the other Vit C serums were twice the price. I specifically ordered it for the discoloration on my neck from my pregnancies. When I was pregnant with Zain and Zahra I had pigmentation changes like most women. However, the lines on my neck darkened and never went back. I talked to my dermatologist at my annual skin check and she advised trying an OTC Vit C serum and this has worked pretty well so far. I will say, it has a strong fruity flavor so if you do not like scented products this may not be for you. 


That’s all for now but if you have come across any new beauty finds let me know! 


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