My First Mother’s Day

May 11, 2018

my first mothers day


Dress: LOFT – love this, this and this other stripe version! | Sunglasses: LOFT – the enamel color is so cute for spring and summer and I loved the way this pair fit also! | Shoes: LOFT – love these and these too!


Wow, I can’t believe this will be my first Mother’s Day as a mom. This past year has flown by and as much as everyone says to soak up every second I’m not sure I did as much as I wanted to. I frequently tell Trevor and my mother that I think if we ever had another child I would be way more relaxed. I mean who are we kidding I’m very high strung but I think I have learned to let a lot roll off my back and let go of control a bit in this past year. 

A year ago this weekend Trevor and I went to Dixie (it’s not even open anymore…) for brunch with my mom and dad. It was a gorgeous day and we walked there which I remember so well because my ankles were so swollen by this point. The only shoes I could wear were my Birkenstocks on the loosest buckle. I really admire those girls that look great pregnant and barely change. I took on water like it was going out of style and looking back I can’t believe how swollen I was. Regardless of my water weight, my water breaking early and a crazy delivery I can not imagine this year any differently. 

We waited for Zain for so long and although I have to close my eyes and remember that some days when he’s screaming we are so lucky to have him. My path has been a bit unconventional. I never meant to stay at home with him full time but with my dental practice selling to a corporation (and then closing months later), me giving birth and it being way more overwhelming than I had imagined, not finding a good fit in the dental field here in Chicago and this blog really growing into a full time business—here we are. 

I am trying to soak up every second I have with him because once we move back to Louisville I hope to get back to dentistry part time, work on this business part time and I know that means Zain will be with a nanny or in daycare some of the time. As overwhelming as it is, I know I am lucky to get to have this time with him and I am trying to cherish it. He has grown into such a fun charismatic boy and I wouldn’t trade being his mom for anything. Since the day is fast approaching I thought I would share what I’ll be wearing in case you guys are still looking for something!

Whether you are celebrating Mother’s Day or not you know LOFT is one of my go to’s. I have gotten so many questions on those tops I took to Dallas and this button cami has been on heavy repeat lately. For Mother’s Day I wanted something comfy and casual and this stripe t-shirt dress was calling my name. It runs on the larger side (I’m wearing an XS) but the fit is impeccable. It’s the perfect look to chase after Zain and I wouldn’t dare wear it with anything other than flats. I also snagged these cute pink sunglasses, aren’t they adorable? LOFT is currently having a Mother’s Day Sale and everything is 30% off with an extra 10% off through May 13th. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a happy Mother’s Day! 


A Few Favorite Dresses:


Some Favorite Enamel Sunglasses:


A Few Favorite Flats:



This year we are headed to City Mouse (have you guys been?) and I am so excited. Trevor planned brunch for us which I love and I am praying he doesn’t get called into work so we can relax and enjoy the day together as a family. I’m sure to treat myself to a Sweet Mandy B’s cookie at some point đŸ™‚



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This post was sponsored by LOFT. As always, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting brands like LOFT that I love and help make Lows to Luxe possible!



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    Such a cute t-shirt dress!! Love the colorful stripes, so fun!

    xx, Merritt
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