My Favorite Holiday Decor

Nov 13, 2019

my favorite holiday decor


Good morning! 

Today is a busy day around here because we are working, packing up and then hitting the road for CHICAGO! Trevor has a CE course on Thursday and Friday so Zain and I will be bopping around the city, seeing friends and hopefully sneaking in a museum visit. He was only a little over 1 when we moved so he didn’t really get to take advantage of the museums we had before the move. I’m thinking Natural History since he is obsessed with dinosaurs but we’ll see how the day goes. After Trevor’s course we are headed to Kelly and Mitch’s for the weekend and so excited!!!

Emma and Zain used to play together all the time when they were tiny and I can’t wait to see what they get into this time around. I think the weekend will be mostly low key and I’m excited for late night hangs with our friends since we miss them like crazy and getting all the kids together. 

As for today’s post, it was probably the most requested topic when I polled you all last week. My goal with the holiday content is to keep it fresh, helpful and new. I’m going to try to avoid the million gift guides and do more targeted posts this year and see if that helps!

Overall, my favorite spots for holiday decor have to be Target, TJ Maxx & HomeGoods, Crate and Barrel & CB2, Nordstrom Rack and occasionally World Market. I stocked up on a ton last year since it was our first year in the house but as I pick up new things this season I will be sure to share over on Instagram stories. 

We have two trees currently, one that is much more traditional and filled with meaningful ornaments in our den and one that is mostly black and white in our formal living room. I try to decorate both rooms as well as our entryway and stairwell but it’s always a work in progress. I normally reserve the day after Thanksgiving for that but Trevor is working and Zain has a doctor’s appointment so we start a little earlier this year. 

Hope this is helpful and let me know if you have any holiday favorites I should know about! 



How cute are these? Place some greenery in them for table decor!

I am mildly obsessed with snow globes and try not to buy too many 🙂 I always find the best ones here!

If I didn’t already have something from last year, I would so get these! Not a bad price either. 

If you’re looking for something substantial to make a mantle, I love these!

I have been searching for a nutcracker I liked since last year so bought this as soon as I saw it! 

We own a few nicer set of ornaments from here and I use them for decor! 

How cute? I usually pick up festive pottery and bakeware here!

I love our similar garland and still use mine to this day. I found it in their store probably 6 years ago and it’s so nice to have something already decorated. 

These are the needlepoint stockings I am debating switching ours out for. I think they have a more old school vibe to them which I like!

This is the flocked tree I’ve had my eye on but I’m not sure if I want to go that route. It’s pretty pricey but was on mega sale so I thought I would include it in case any of you are looking!

This is the tree we bought last year that is in the photo above! I went into the store to compare and contrast a few and though this one looked the most real and full!

These are our current stockings! I am debating switching them out for needlepoint this year but haven’t decided yet. 

I know this isn’t that big of a deal but I get so much joy putting him up on our bookshelf. 

I bought these in all white last year and used then on our den mantle. 

I mean, the cutest mantle decoration. 

Maybe the best decoration I bought last year! I layered about 4 around our tree and they look beautiful. They are wooden and have a great matte texture. 

Just bought this! Our old tree isn’t the fullest and I’m hoping that this will really help bulk up the bottom area and make it feel more full. 

I usually turn to TJ Maxx or Target for wrapping needs and since I don’t need a ton Target always seems easier since they sell all the matching accessories. 

This is almost identical to the skirt I picked up last year! I love the pom pom’s and the neutral color. 

We just bought a tree last year but I am so tempted to snag this for our bedroom. I love the Charlie Brown vibes. 

Our holiday wreath! This one is so pretty and has held up really well. I bought it last year and I’m so glad they still carry it. 


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