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Nov 15, 2019



Well, if you caught my post on Wednesday we were supposed to be heading off to Chicago. However, Zain was a little under the weather Tuesday and Wednesday so we decided to take a rain check and Trevor flew up for his course and should be back tonight. We were looking forward to seeing our friends but nothing is worse than a sick babe and I didn’t want to risk making it worse or being stuck in a hotel with him not feeling well. 

As for today’s post, it’s a long one. I actually wasn’t planning on writing this for a few weeks but when I polled you all over on Instagram for gift ideas for Zain, I received so many requests to share I thought I would just add that section in here and share it all in one place. I tried to break things down into two sections: things we have and love and suggestions you all sent. 

Great gift ideas that aren’t included are Museum memberships, Zoo memberships, Sports clubs and any other experiences you have been wanting to try. We use our Science Center and Zoo Memberships all year and they were both wonderful gifts for Zain!



Things We Own and Love



Table & Chair Set: We have had this ever since we moved into our house and it still looks brand new. Zain uses it for everything from coloring, reading, playing, eating, you name it. The chairs are also sturdy enough to hold us since we color with him a lot. It wipes down easily and when he was younger I would just cover the top with butcher paper for him to color. 


Play Tent: We had this in Zain’s room to begin with and moved it into our play area. It’s always fun for him and his friends and I think the tent’s are so much smarter than the tee pee’s. I don’t know about you but not much can fit in those and I feel like kids would outgrow them so fast. 


Patagonia Puffer: Always on my Christmas list for Zain. We usually get him one every year and they hold up so well. Their packable down is super thin which is great for car seats and they keep him so warm. I snagged a reversible one with a hood this year! 


Magnatiles: A recommendation from all of you and one of Zain’s favorite things. They can be a bit pricey but the smaller kit’s have been great for us. 


Play Kitchen: I searched high and low for one that I thought was aesthetically pleasing and didn’t break the bank last Christmas and this is what we got! It’s relatively easy to put together (I had been scared of the Ikea and KidKraft ones after hearing friends talk about it) and has held up great. We keep this in our den and even when I think he is going through a phase of not liking it, he’ll be right back to it the next week. 


Mini Scooter: The best!!! This was another recommendation thanks to all of you and he loves it. We bought it for his second birthday and he is so great at riding it now. Once kids see other kids riding them, I think they pick it up quickly! 


Lego’s: Always a great idea and so many options! We now have two sets of Duplo’s and I think I need to get a container to sort and keep them in 😉


Books: Always a great gift and what we usually buy for birthday parties! These books are a particular favorite and we own and love so many of them. 


Puzzles: I know this and the number puzzle say 3 and up but I bought these for Zain when he was not even two and he has loved playing with them. I think they have helped us a ton with the alphabet and recognizing his name and other words. 


Cleaning Set: If you follow me on Instagram, you know my child loves to clean and this is such a fun set! We keep this next to his kitchen in our eat-in area and he uses it constantly. I’m sure by the time he’s old enough to actually help clean he won’t want to 😉


Puzzles: We have this dinosaur puzzle and love it! The pieces are big enough that Zain can figure it out without getting too frustrated and quitting 😉 



Your Recommendations:



Plasma Car: This was sent in a ton by you all and I had never heard of it! It’s a huge hit with toddlers from what I can tell. 


Train Set: Another repeated recommendation and something Zain doesn’t have yet. I thought this set looked perfect!


Balance Bike: This is another one I am thinking of adding to his list this year! I thought it had great reviews, was affordable and a great learning tool. 


Doodle board: This was a recommendation by you all that I am going to put on his list this year! He loves coloring so I think he would enjoy this. 


Easel: Another one I am thinking of adding to Zain’s list since he loves art so much. I like that this can be folded up and stored away so there are not things piling up everywhere!



Hope that this was helpful and always feel free to share any other favorites below in the comments!


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    Love this list! Thanks for the suggestions