An Easy Holiday Packing List

Nov 11, 2019



Good morning and happy Monday friends!

I can not believe the holidays are already springing upon us and I am not ready. People are busting out the Christmas trees and I am struggling to get my Halloween decorations down 😉

However, I have started slowly working on a ton of fun holiday content which makes me excited and was so happy to hear from you guys on the subject. I don’t want to cover categories or things that aren’t useful to you all so if you have any suggestions, ideas of what you like or don’t like, feel free to shoot me an email or DM. I am open ears!

This first post came up when I posted my suitcase from my last trip to Chicago. Many of you couldn’t believe the amount of stuff I fit in a carry on suitcase (considering I was shooting 4 looks there too) and wanted to get the details. 

I thought it would be most helpful to create a kind of holiday capsule wardrobe that was comprised of things you likely already own that you can mix and match while traveling and keep your packing to a minimum. I personally own almost every item in today’s post so can vouch for them! 


A Light Carry On

I hate traveling with anything more than a carry on so that’s how I gauge the amount of clothes I need. In classical Type A fashion, I love arranging things in the suitcase but if that is not your cup of tea I have heard great things about these packing cubes! Winter can be hard because of boots and coats but I usually try to wear one of my bigger coats on the plane if we are traveling as well as a pair of boots to cut down on space consumption. I’ve had this suitcase for years and love how light it is, easy it it to roll and how how flexible the outside is so I can really stuff it 😉


Classic Black Jeans

These are probably my favorite and most worn black skinny jeans. Although we all know I’m a fan of distressing, a classic black pair will offer the most options. They are easy to dress up or down and go with just about anything. Fit is TTS. 


Classic Blue Jean

Again, sticking with the classics is best when trying to limit items to pack! I’ve had these COH of jeans for almost 3 years and never get tired of them. I haven’t been able to find this exact style and wash anywhere else but trust me, they are worth it. So flattering and the color is perfect. Fit is TTS. 


A Midi Skirt

The most versatile skirt in my opinion! I own a few and wear them through every season. The silk always looks polished and they can be paired with a vintage tee and sneakers for day or boots and a sweater at night. This champagne color is the perfect neutral and such a great price point. I size up in these. 


Tissue Turtleneck

You all have heard me talk about these for years but they are a staple in my fall and winter wardrobe. The perfect material, stretch and colors I own too many of them! I wear TTS.


Classic Neutral Sweater

You can never go wrong with an Everlane sweater and their cashmere is one of my favorites. Luxe, soft, not itchy and a great price! I generally size up in they crew’s and more fitted sweaters and stay TTS in the more oversized cuts. 


A Longline Cardigan

This was a NSale buy a few years ago and I still recommend it each year. I think the quality is great and I love the longer length. It’s the perfect neutral and is so easy to throw on any and everything! TTS. 


A Classic Tee

A must in any wardrobe and these are by far my favorite. I love how affordable they are and I’ve not had to replace one yet. TTS. 


A Camel Coat

The perfect coat to always have with you! I like both new releases from Everlane and think they are a more approachable price point that most others. 


A Day To Night Dress

This is one of the only pieces I don’t personally own but ordered once I found it. It’s under $60, comes in tons of colors and is the most flattering cut. I figured it can’t hurt to have a flattering dress for the holidays so ordered it for myself in the red! 


A Chunky Scarf

I LOVE this scarf! It’s basically a blanket and perfect to protect you from winter, wind and the cold while still looking put together. I own it in two colors and it’s held up great for years! 


A Dressier Boot

Whether it’s a OTK book or calf height boot, this style is a great option! The heel is not too high and you can wear it all night but the cut and style are a bit fancier. I wear my calf heigh black boots the most! TTS. 


A Casual Bootie

These are probably my favorite shoe purchase on the season so far. I own these in the deep brown and wear them constantly! I compared a few different pairs and found these fit the most comfortable for the best price. I size up 1/2 size in boots! 


A White Sneaker

Great to have on hand to pair with jeans, dresses or skirts! I wear mine constantly but know these can be an investment. If looking for something similar I love Veja and Adidas. 


Festive PJ’s

I learned my first year being married that having a great set of pj’s is crucial. We spent so much time lounging around the house over the holidays and I wish I had packed a cute set of pajamas or loungewear so I could have been more comfortable. Lesson learned and I always have some on hand now. 




All of these pieces can be mixed and matched, dressed up or down and keep you comfortable while still looking pot together which is always my goal over the holidays. If your families are like mine we spend a lot of time lounging around and I never end up wearing all the excess stuff I used to throw in my bag. 

Hope you are all having a great start to your week and Happy Monday! 



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