My Day To Night Skincare Routine

May 1, 2019

my day to night skincare routine


Good morning friends! I am laughing a little bit as I write this because I recently shared the meme on Instagram that says “Literally no one: … Influencers: So you guys have been asking about my skincare routine” but a lot of you recently did ask about this so I thought it was the perfect time!

It all came about because I had shared my beauty cabinet on Instagram stories asking you all for clean beauty recommendations. I then realized I hadn’t shared my daily products recently since I was getting questions and had no post to direct you to.

At this point I have almost completely transitioned all of my day/night products to clean brands and am currently transitioning my makeup. Stay tuned because I am working on a huge post of all the tips you all sent in, the makeup brands you love and what I bought and am keeping soon!

As for today’s post these are the products I rotate through daily and keep on heavy rotation. I will say skin wise I am not someone who is prone to breakouts or has sensitive skin. I went through a phase of adult acne in my early 20’s but since then it has really calmed down. Thanks to my mostly easy going skin I do try a lot of different products and have not had reactions or issue with any of these. 




Kopari Coconut Face Cream: I am a huge fan of Coconut Oil and have used it for my hair and skin skin since I was little. It’s very common in Indian culture so when Kopari emerged as a brand I was here for it. I use this in the morning and it feels rich without ever feeling heavy to me. Also, on a side not their lip gloss is something I can not live without!


Beautycounter Countermatch Adaptive Lotion: This is one of the first things I tried from the brand and what got me hooked! I love this lotion and never travel without it now! Super light, non greasy and absorbs well. 




Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen: This has always been my go to for my face and I can not recommend it enough. I also have the traditional sunscreen and carry this powder everywhere when we are on vacation. It is so helpful when you need to reapply and soak up the moisture on your face!


Beautycounter Mineral Sunscreen: I switched out all of our sunscreen this year and this and the sunscreen stick have been our favorites. I actually prefer the smaller bottle so I can carry it on when we travel and tote it around in my handbag or diaper bag. I had initially purchased an organic sunscreen last year for Zain but found out it has some less than ideal ingredients in it. You all all recommended this stick after I shared my concern in this post and I am now obsessed as well! 


Kopari Sundaze Face Sunscreen: This was just released a few weeks ago and I got it in the mail last week. I love this brand and think this is another great option! Goes on light and not greasy at all. 




Drunk Elephant Vit C Day Serum: Love this serum and totally recommend a Vitamin C Serum if you aren’t using one yet. I feel like they really brighten my skin!


Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel: LOVE this! I don’t use this every day but it really brings my skin back to life. I try to use it twice a week at most. 


Skinfix Lipid Boost Jelly: This is the newest edition to my lineup and I’ve been loving the results so far. 




Beautycounter Cleansing Balm: This is my favorite product to use! I used to have the hardest time feeling like I got all my makeup off and was constantly rubbing under my eyes at the leftover eyeliner. I first tried a balm a few years ago by Boscia but have since switched only because I felt this one moisturized a little better. Balms can be a little pricey but you use so little each time so they last forever!

I use them with these cleansing cloths and have been for almost a year now since I read about double cleansing. They are $8 and make a big difference in my opinion.



Dr.Brandt Needles No More Neck Sculpting Cream: I took a poll on Instagram about whether or not you were worried about your neck and I couldn’t believe hoe many of you said no. I am so paranoid about it haha! I started using a neck cream about a year ago and am determined to do whatever I can to keep it firm. This cream applied with the rose quartz tool with the Gua Sha technique makes me so happy! I use it once a day at night before bed. Again, a little of this goes a long way. 




Drunk Elephant Shaba Eye Cream: I recently asked you guys for eye cream recommendations when this ran out and you recommended the Beautycounter so I went for that. I love this though and will be reordering soon! 


Beautycounter Rejuvenating Eye Cream: Been loving this and the extra jolt the caffeine in it gives my eyes. I need it! 


Skinfix Lipid Boost 360° Eye: Not going to lie this was a random impulse buy when I was at Sephora but it’s amazing. Clean, has noticeably helped my lines and light enough to wear under your makeup during the day!



Dr.Brandt Needles No More Cream: I just recently started using this to spot treat some wrinkles areas like my forehead, in between brows and smile line. It seems to be helping but I will report back after I’ve used it a little longer!






If you have any questions at all feel free to shoot them over and share your must have’s in the comments! 


beautycounter sunscreen

my day to night skincare routine


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