Life Lately XIII

Feb 10, 2017


Happy Friday guys! Can’t believe we are already two weeks into February. This month is so short and is already flying by. Lots has been going on over here and I’m excited to catch up with you all!


Reunion Weekend: We are actually already on the road en route to Louisville for the weekend. I mentioned it before, but it’s our annual ‘adult slumber party’ reunion weekend and I can’t wait to be back home and hopefully enjoy some warmer weather. We have chill plans for most of the weekend, but are headed to Le Moo for dinner on Saturday night and I am ecstatic. I have been dying to try this new restaurant and will definitely report back with details. We’re also meeting my childhood friend Nirmesh, who owns Ward 426 for some exciting baby shower planning! I can’t wait to decide on menu items and see our wedding florist Greg, who is really a family friend at this point to talk flowers. It’s literally like my wedding all over again and I am having to hold my mother back at each turn! 


Massage Time: I’m not usually one for massages, I think I have had 2 total in my life. It always kind of stresses me out in a weird way and I am never able to relax. Pregnancy has definitely changed that! I stopped by Equinox Spa in Lincoln Park a few weeks ago for their prenatal massage and it was amazing! I was barely able to stay awake since I was so comfortable on my side with my pillows and it really relieved stress in my shoulders. If you are expecting and even if not, I totally reccomend the spa! 


Living Room Progress: Since we’re now focused on the nursery and all things baby, we have kind of slacked on finishing our living room. I’m sure you saw on my Instagram, but we recently snagged this new rug from Rugs USA and I love the bold color and pattern. We switched out our old TV stand with this one from Hayneedle too. It’s technically a coffee table but I loved it so much more as a TV console. We’re also hoping to switch out our couch in the next few months and have our eyes on this one from Crate and Barrel but if you have any good suggestions for couch, especially you people with babies please send them my way! 


rugs usa rug


Americano 2211: Formerly know as Birchwood Kitchen, this new spot is quickly becoming a favorite. They’re open during the day as a cafe and at night as a restaurant and the food and tea are delicious. I’ve stopped in a few times just to grab food but met Jess there last week for a work date and loved the atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and there is always space! It’s far too cold right now, but they make their own ice cream so I’m already looking forward to summer stops with Baby T. 


harrys razor


Shave Time: I don’t know about the men in your life but Trevor’s fear of razor burn is something I hear about, a lot. I recently discovered Harry’s Shave Club and was initially intrigued by the gorgeous packaging and then drawn in by the craftsmanship and low cost. Their blades stack up at half the price of a traditional one and I loved that the Winston Set could be engraved! I ended up snagging the starter package for Trevor and had the holder and razor engraved. He’s loving everything so far and I totally reccomend it for the men in your life! 




Hope you all have a lovely weekend and make sure to follow along on our Louisville adventures on social


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