Holiday Gift Guide: For The Kids

Nov 19, 2018


Good Morning friends!

I can NOT believe Thanksgiving is days away but I wanted to share my Gift Guide for kids with you all today because I know so many of you said you wanted to shop for the babes early. I will also keep an eye out on Cyber Monday if anything changes and goes on sale! 

Just like the Men’s and Under $100 everything in today’s guide is something Zain owns, I’ve bought for a friend or is on my wish list for him this year. Kids can be tough to shop for and we’re really trying to limit what Zain is getting. i’m attempting to refrain grandparents to just a few things. Does that work? Tell me it does ha! 

I will keep this short since I am hosting Thanksgiving this week and have virtually prepared nothing. I will be running around stores this week and trying to cook as much as I can! Fingers crossed this turns out well. 

Okay, so on to the gifts: 



Hunter Rain Boots: I’m not sure if you saw my Instagram story but I was totally against these shoes. I thought they were a waste of money and told my mom not to buy them but she did anyway. Well, I was wrong haha. They are not only insanely cute on kids they are the first shoe Zain asks to wear every single day and have been great in the rain and snow. I ordered a size up for him just so I can make them last all season! 


 A Patagonia Coat: This is the coat I’ve bought Zain each winter (last year I got the hooded version) and although it’s a little pricey it holds up so well. It keeps him warm and is easy to throw in the washer which is a huge plus! I order them true to size for him and I think they run a little big which is nice. 


Hape Wooden Toys: I love this brand! I first discovered them when I was looking for a walker that wasn’t plastic and have been loyal ever since. Zain loves this number puzzle and we just ordered the alphabet version for him for Christmas. 


Crate & Kids Playhouse: I get so many questions on Zain’s jungle playhouse and I picked it up from Crate & Kids in Chicago right before we moved. They don’t have the exact one any longer but these are great. I like them way better than tents because I feel like kids can actually run in and out of them and have more room to play. 


Crate & Kids Chair: Zain doesn’t own this but I have it on his list for this year! I bought it for my friend Lauren’s son for his first birthday and he still uses it and he’s 3!


Hape Wood Coffee Maker: I don’t know about you but Zain has been obsessed with our coffee mugs since I can remember. I finally found this in black (which it looks like they don’t make anymore) and we love it! 


Hape Play Kitchen: This is the one big thing I want to get him this year! Every time we go to a friend’s house who has a kitchen he spends hours in it and last week his teacher told me that he loves playing outside and cooking the most 🙂 


Milkbarn Jammies: These pajamas are not the thriftiest but such a great gift! My friend Rachel gave me a pair after I had Zain and we lived in them. I then bought one for Blair after she had Owen and he loved them too so I always recommend it as a gift! 


Mudpuppy Little Feminist Puzzle: I just bought this for my niece a few weeks ago for her birthday and it was so fun to put together! 


Adidas Gazelle Sneaker: After trying several sneakers these are by far my favorite. Easy to get on, ortho lite and look great with everything. Zain also owns these Adidas sneakers but they are a little harder to get on in my opinion. 


Munchkin Bath Letters: This is the best bath purchase I’ve made. Ever since we got these he loves playing in the tub (we went through a phase where he hated it) and is learning his letters quickly! 



If I’m forgetting anything or your have any questions feel free to send them over. Hope you all have an amazing day!


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