Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Edition

Nov 13, 2018

mens gift guide

Original post here with my family fruitcake recipe!


Can we believe it’s already holiday gift guide time? I decided to start with Men’s because it was the most requested by you all over on Instagram. I grilled Trevor and tried to compile some of his favorite things that would work for guys of any age! So, essentially this is Trevor’s gift guide and I will do my best to try and articulate his thoughts 🙂 You can click on any image in the graphic below to shop!





Lower Price: 

A Classic Sweater: These sweaters are my favorite for Trevor and never go out of style. They come in a ton of colors and are great for dad’s, grandpa’s, brother and anyone else on your list. 

Cocktail Sets: Trevor is always into a good bottle of bourbon and my dad also loves getting a good bottle of scotch! I think putting together a little package with a liquor or wine and some glasses and these ice molds are great! 

House Shoes: My brother and sister in law bought these house shoes for Trevor and I a few years back and I have already worn through mine and had to buy another. Trevor uses his all the time especially in our new place!

Fun Socks: I love Happy Socks but this Bombas brand is Trevor’s new favorite. He just ordered a gazillion pairs and for every pair bought they donate a pair to a homeless person in need so you can feel good about your purchase! 



Higher Price: 

An Investment Coat: Trevor purchased this coat last year and has used it so much! I was torn between this one and this version but I think both are great classic coats any man can use. 

Fleece Jackets: This has always been my go to and Trevor agrees it’s a great gift! He still has the Patagonia fleece I bought him for our first Christmas together when we were dating. It’s easy to figure out sizing without them knowing and I think it’s something a guy any age can use. We have bought them for Trevor’s dad and other friends and they all them constantly. He currently has this grey one and uses it the most. 

A Good Dress Shoe: A few years ago Trevor and I had come home to Louisville for a wedding and he forgot his dress shoes. I ran to the Johnston and Murphy store and ended up splurging on their Italian dress shoe and although I had immediate regret, it was a great purchase. Trevor loves these shoes and wear them every time we have an event to go to. If your guy wears suits to work or just needs a new pair and you want to splurge I totally recommend these

Noise Canceling Headphones: Another splurge Trevor is happy to have. He initially wanted to buy a less expensive version but we tested them out and those just don’t work as well. I forced him to go for these and he’s happy he did! 

A Good Watch: Trevor is very into watches these days (lucky me) and this was his recommendation for a great mid range watch that he loves. I think it was his first watch once he started really researching them and he still wears it all the time. 



Hope this helps just a little bit and if you have any recommendations your guy has loved leave them in the comments below! 


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m considering AirPods for my husband this year – i feel like that could be a fun gift? Husbands are so hard to shop for!

    • shaheen khan says:

      Oh that’s a good idea! Try to find out if he uses/likes the current apple ear phones beacuse I know a lot of guys who thought the air pods were uncomfortable :/ I love mine but Trevor took his back! Agree – guys are SO HARD!