Life Lately XXVI

Nov 16, 2018

Good Morning guys!

It’s been crazy around here with travel and the holidays coming up and I get the feeling you are all in the same boat! I honestly thought Thanksgiving was week after next and didn’t realize it was next week till yesterday. When I asked Trevor he was also unaware so at least I’m not the only one 🙂 We are hosting my parent’s for a very low key holiday and Trevor is beyond excited to cook the turkey on the grill so I will just be over here pinning recipes

I figured now was a great time to catch up on life because it’s about to be all holidays around here and we may not do this again till the new year. Is it not crazy that it’s about to be 2019?! 


Our Trip To Chicago

Our trip a few weeks ago was so wonderful! I actually woke up the morning we were set to leave and felt deathly ill. I was terrified we would have to cancel but I went back to bed for several hours, took some medicine and rallied. We had so much fun stuff planned with Zain and I didn’t want to miss it. 

We stayed at The Willows Hotel in Lincoln Park and I can not say enough good things about it! The building is adorable and the decor is just my taste. I loved how quaint it was and if you are traveling with kids, it’s a must. The room had french doors that we threw a black out curtain over and Zain slept amazing while we were able to not be frozen in our beds. They also had a free continental breakfast each morning which is great for kids. We would go down and fill up Zain’s sippy cup with milk and he would eat by the fire. It was such a nice slow way to start the day. I got a lot of questions on the travel crib we use, this is it! Although hotels have them we usually take ours. It’s so easy to travel and fly with (totally worth the money) and it’s nice to have something familiar for him when we are in new places. We joke that he sleeps better in this than his crib so it’s worth the carry for us. 

While we were there we caught up with friends, had an amazing Halloween at Kelly and Mitch’s and grabbed a dinner out without Zain at Gemini with friends! We had never been and absolutely LOVED it. It’s not new but I had weirdly never heard of it and then everyone I mentioned it to, raved about it. Great neighborhood spot with awesome food and great cocktails. 


family halloween costume

Trying to take photos with a toddler is no easy feat, am I right? 


cookie monster costume

I loved the way our costumes turned out!


family halloween costumes

The whole crew!


Home Progress

I swear more is coming about the house, things just move so slowly. The tiny bath is finally done and I am shooting it this weekend so fingers crossed it will be up next week! We did however get our Interior Define pieces in and I am in love. We went with two Caitlin couches and two Alice chairs and although I agonized over the decision I am really happy with what I chose. 

The room has already come together more than you see here and I will be sharing more about the couches and chairs next month on the blog! 


interior define caitlin couch

This was delivery day! Lots of questions on this little table of ours and it’s linked here! It’s 40% with code FURNDEAL through Sunday too 🙂


Getting Dressed

For a while there it seemed like I wasn’t getting dressed enough so it’s been nice to have a date night with Trevor and some fun dinners with girlfriends lately! 


best teddy coats

So many questions on this teddy coat! Linked my outfit and sizing details here and you can see more teddy coats here!


lace cocktail dress

A lot of questions on this dress too but sadly it’s super old. This and this are almost identical! More lace options here.


vince camuto handbag

vince camuto handbags

Recently been carrying this Vince Camuto tote everywhere. I love the funky strap and it’s big enough to fit all Zain’s stuff so I don’t have to lug the diaper bag too! Love this one too!


Random Thoughts


Just got this cookbook and am trying my first recipes next week while my parent’s are over so I will report back! Also, I think lots of them work but this is the Instant Pot 6 Qt I use 🙂

indian instant pot cookbook


When I saw this mug, I had to have it! Just thought it was a friendly reminder that we are all doing our best and sometimes you can’t get to it all. 

target coffee mug


I could live in fall forever I think. I forgot how much longer this season lasts in Louisville than Chicago and I am trying to soak up every minute. 

hogan fountain louisville


Zain Boo

This kid has been so busy! He is running all over the place and has been chatting up a storm. He did such an amazing job on our trip to Chicago and we are already planning our next adventure. 


kids pajamas

Our first pit stop on the way to Chicago! If you haven’t stopped there you must. So many things for kids to do and great ice cream 🙂


boys patagonia

When mom wants to take a cute picture of you in the leaves 😉


father and son style

Trevor took Zain out to the Lincoln Park Zoo while we were in Chicago and I couldn’t get over their matching jackets.


lincoln park zoo

Exploring the zoo on Halloween


toddler style

Park days are the best days! I’m sad it’s getting to cold to go :/


louisville science center

We went to the Kentucky Science Center for the first time last week and it was amazing. Zain spent over 3 hours in there and had an absolute blast!



Hope you guys are staying warm today and have a wonderful weekend! 


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