Life Lately IX

Sep 2, 2016

Happy Friday y’all! Today is even sweeter since 5pm means we are all in for a beautiful long weekend. We didn’t end up booking anything to those spots I mentioned last week because our family decided to make a visit. I’m excited to see my cousins, aunts & uncles and enjoy an outdoor BBQ at my brother’s.

I can’t remember the last time we were in town for the long weekend. It’s always prime time for weddings and we usually always have one. I guess it’s a sign we’re maturing (which really means getting old, wahhh!) In honor of the long weekend I thought I would share some fun life updates like this happy hour at Hugo Frog Bar and see what you guys have been up to!


hugo's frog bar


Happy hours: I think it’s the normal Chicago ‘I’m terrified summer is ending’ progress of life but we have been meeting friends for dinners and happy hours so often lately! Some of my favorites have been Hugo Frog’s, Xoco, Osteria Langhe, & Three Dots & a Dash. It’s the perfect time no matter where you live to take advantage of these warm days and patio life. I’m scared we don’t have much left!


New chapter: I just finished The Girls and started the All the Light We Cannot See – I am totally hooked. Have any of you finished it? I am tearing through it and need some suggestions for the next read. I have started putting my phone away at night and reading before bed and let me tell you – it’s so much better. It winds me down before bed and I love ignoring my phone.


Chop chop? My hair has gotten so long and I think I am leaning towards making a big chop again. Since my hair is so thin it’s so much easier to maintain and keep from looking stringy when it’s shorter and not so weighed down. I’m not really sold on a cut so if you have any good inspiration pictures please send them my way!


Acai bowls: Okay, much like the smoothie obsession that I can no longer maintain for fear of bankruptcy I need to reel in my purchasing of acai bowls as well. I used to think they look unappetizing and unappealing but after trying my first one at Peeled Juice Bar I have been hooked and grabbing them all the time. I have been searching online a little and think it would be so simple for me to do myself at home. If you have any good tips send them along and hopefully I will share a roundup of easy and uncomplicated recipes soon!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the extra day! See you back here on Tuesday!


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  1. Lauren Nolan says:

    I pretty much ONLY make Acai bowls at home instead of buying them – mostly because Graze Kitchenette and Left Coast are the only ones who really pass my test haha Just look for acai packets in the freezer section at the grocery store and add fruits, veggies, maybe a nut butter, almond milk, blend it up! I also have a green smoothie bowl recipe on the blog that’s pretty great if you need a change from acai. This is my breakfast JAM, can you tell? 😉

    Lauren at

  2. SarahLagen says:

    I’m with you on the acai bowls, I haven’t tried making them at home (they look pretty easy to make!) but the one Peeled and Left Coast are just sooo good! And it’s a little treat to go there! I hope you enjoy your long weekend in the city!

    xo, Sarah

  3. Stephanie A says:

    I want to see a new hair cut for you!! my hair is horrifically long too and its at the point where i need to decide to let it grow or cut it off!!

  4. Caitlin says:

    I LOVED All The Light We Cannot See, but I’m having trouble getting through The Girls. : / I’d definitely recommend The Nightingale next if you haven’t read it already. As for acai bowls, I just add a frozen acai packet, frozen banana and some coconut water to my blender. Blend, then add whatever toppings you like! Super easy (and much easier on the wallet!)