5 Underrated US Vacation Spots We Can’t Wait To See

Aug 26, 2016

When Trevor and I first got married 5 years ago (time has flown by!) we traveled all the time. At the time, both of our jobs offered a ton of flexibility and we were able to leave the country a few times a year. In the past 2 years that has really slowed down. Work for him is much more time consuming and we haven’t been able to find the time to get away. With that said I have been searching for underrated US vacation spots to visit that would be perfect for a long weekend.

We can make that happen a few times this year and I’m really hoping to take advantage of our free time. I thought I would share a few underrated US vacation spots I found and see what you guys think, where you have been & if you have any other good ideas!

sedona arizona sunset

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Asheville, North Carolina: It’s been on our list for a while and I’ve heard the trails are amazing as well as the people & food.


Makinac Island, Michigan: No cars allowed? I’m kind of in love. I feel like it would be the perfect place to unwind and disconnect.


Sedona, Arizona: Besides the amazing spa’s I would love to get away for a weekend and enjoy the hiking & beautiful scenery.


The Outer Banks, North Carolina: I have heard the towns are adorable and the area fairly secluded and not over populated.


Door County, Wisconsin: Beautiful coastline and tons of microbreweries sounds like the perfect get away.


I’m already trying to throw something together for Labor Day which is right around the corner so if you have any tips please send them along. Happy Friday and hope you all have a wonderful weekend – who knows how many summer days we have left!


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  1. JR says:

    We spent an afternoon in Sedona and it wasn’t enough time. It isn’t just a quick weekend jaunt, but I want to go to Palm Springs!

  2. Lauren Oliver says:

    For some reason it seemed like ALL of my friends went to Asheville at the beginning of summer, and I’ve heard nothing but great things!! I’d give there a try and the outer banks seem really relaxing, too!


  3. Charlene DeCrease says:

    While I wouldn’t say it is underrated, a great close weekend getaway from Chicago is South Haven, MI. It’s an adorable little beach town that I’ve enjoyed visiting throughout the year. Definitely worth checking out, but it can be a bit packed during the middle of summer.