Gift Guides 2022: LTL Reader Favorites

Oct 26, 2022

Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week going? I feel like it’s hard to imagine that we are already entering the craziness of the holiday season but the majority of you wanted Gift Guides live sooner rather than later so I thought we could start rolling them out today. I really took your input into account from those question boxes and going to try to tailor my content so it’s most helpful.

One of the most requested ideas was another LTL Reader Favorites roundup and I wanted to start here! I love seeing what you all submitted and have rounded up everything below. There are various price points included and some great ideas for stocking stuffers as well. Let me know if you have any questions!




Versed Cleansing Balm

An amazing affordable alternative to the Elemis balm that works beautifully and doesn’t break the bank. 



Able Chelsie Jean

A great under $100 denim that feels like AGolde but with much more stretch. I would stay TTS!



AGolde Riley Jean

My oldest and tried and true jean you all ask about most often. These have very little to no stretch so if you are between sizes I would go up.



R+Co Dry Shampoo Mist 

This is my holy grail! The only ‘dry shampoo’ that has ever really worked to make my hair feel clean again and not just cover oil. You lightly spray it on your roots and run a cool blow dry over it on low and you are brand new!



Zella Joggers

The BEST! I stumbled upon these during a Nordstrom sale many moons ago and have never looked back. They are a great stretchy material but the fabric feels dressier so you can make them work in any situation. I stayed TTS. 



Almond Shower Oil

A winter must have! You can use this as soap but we use it as a layer after we shower and it does the best job at locking in moisture. It keeps your skin hydrated and allows you to skip lotion all together if you want.



Land’s End Boat Tote

Our everything and always bag! The kids use them for school and the travel and we use them for any and everything including the pool, road trips, plane rides!



Soma Wireless Bra

One of the only bras I wear that essentially feels like clouds for your chest. Need I say more?



Target Ribbed Tee

Target has some amazing $8 tees you just have to search for them. This is one of my oldest and most favorite and I love the longer arm length. 



Amazon Turtleneck Tunic Sweater

A best seller year after year for good reason. The length works with a legging or tucked into denim and mine has held up wash after wash! I have the color Copper in a size Small.



Ceramic Box Cutter

I am unclear what I would do without this? We keep it in our scissor cup and use it everyday to open boxes, packages, anything!



Amazon Leggings

A great alternative to the pricier Align legging, I have only ever tried this brand but have pairs that are now 5 years old. I always suggest sizing down!



House Slippers

You all know how many times I have accidentally left my home in these 😉 Comfortable and supportive! 



Leather Tissue Box Cover

Doesn’t this spark joy? It’s a great way to hide those pesky boxes we all need around all season. 



Amazon Mock Neck Sweater

One of my favorite sweaters from an in-house brand that feels much more expensive than it is. I stay TTS and love the classic colors!



Brooks Running Shoes

A great shoe with support I use for walks, workouts, runs, and work! TTS. 



Amazon Puffer Coat 

Another wise buy a few years ago! This coat is not only insanely warm it was wonderful while pregnant and then with a baby carrier because it expands on both sides. 



Sam Edelman Pump

The only pump I wear 😉 It comes in a million colors and as far as pumps go, it’s the most comfortable one I’ve ever worn. 



Apple Chai Candle

What a Target aisle find! I love this candle and the wicks are so well done. 



Lululemon Men’s Joggers

Trevor’s favorite and one of the best gifts I’ve given him – stay TTS and get the matching sweatshirt if you can. 



Target Lounge Set 

Another set that is a few years old but I’m glad they continue to carry. Insanely soft and great to travel with!



Lululemon Belt Bag

Sadly now you have to catch these in stock but the new sherpa releases are so cute!



New Balance Sneakers

A best seller week after week and a shoe I wear every single day – I linked another version below because they tend to sell out often. TTS. 



New Balance Sneakers



Z Supply Half Zip Sweatshirt

Another tried and true favorite that is insanely comfortable but feels more tailored than a traditional sweatshirt so I find myself reaching for it constantly 





Hope you all have an amazing weekend! 



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