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Jan 5, 2022



Good afternoon friends! 

We had a bit of a busy morning over here since Zahra had her 18 mo well check this morning and Zain is also home. They were actually both really well behaved (miracle!) so I treated them to Krispy Kreme donuts after and they are quietly playing together so I am taking full advantage and getting this post together! 

In case you missed it, I put up a Question Box on Instagram yesterday asking if there was anything I had ‘Influenced’ you with this year whether it was a habit, food, hobby, or product (that you did or didn’t like!) and was so refreshingly surprised and happy with the responses so thank you for taking the time to submit them. I thought I would compile the products submitted here in a quick blog post so people could reference back to them. 

What made me happiest is that the largest responses were Reading, Peloton Workouts, and Cooking! I hope to be someone that ‘influences’ (although I hate that word) in a healthy and happy way and doesn’t ever make you feel like you need things you definitely don’t.  I save all my Books, Peloton Stacks and Meals to my highlights on Instagram so you can always reference there if you don’t see it on the blog. 





This was one of the #1 submissions! This is my holy grail for cleaning. It has successfully removed every stain I’ve used it on and is a lifesaver with kids and cushions. Some of you had asked about this cleaner and it is what I use for clothes! 



Lululemon Dupe Leggings

I have these on right now and also had them on yesterday 😉 They are such a great alternative and only $26! I have owned my first black pair for almost 3 years and have not had any issues with them. I was them on delicate and hang dry! I suggest sizing down in these. 



Exercise Shorts

Several submissions for the workout shorts that don’t touch your thighs! A unicorn of workout shorts! TTS, I wear a medium in these but could have done a small. 



Tall Suede Boots

I was so surprised by how many of your purchased my boots but they are really such a great investment. They have the perfect heels, shape and color for me and I searched for these for over a year before I found what I was looking for. They are over 50% off but sizes are very limited! TTS.



Almond Oil

A winter must-have! Trust me, you need it. Use it in the shower and rinse it off before you get out. I use it after soap but it is a cleanser so can be used as both. 



Amazon Puffer

One of my personal favorites! I finally took the plunge when I was pregnant because the coat has side zippers so it grew with me and I could wear Zahra in the baby carrier with it. Runs TTS, I have a small. 



Palo Santo Candle

I was so happy so many of you said this! Target has the best candle selection if you ask me. $10 and smell amazing, I basically stopped buying Anthropologie or Diptyque candles because of it. 



Faux Tennis Necklace

This is a newer purchase but I love it! I’m manifesting a real one in 2022 😉 I have the 17″ and it’s a great short length. 



Polka Dot Sherpa

One of my favorite purchases this year! I haven’t been in it for a week because it’s currently waiting to be washed but it’s the coziest and I love the collar. TTS. 



Amazon Slippers

Already have these set out to take with me on vacation! The foot support is wonderful and while they are more of a summer house slipper, I’ve worn them with socks plenty. Runs TTS but size up if in between. 



Target Chino Pants

Love these and styled them a few ways in this Reel! They are perfect for work and weekend and I’ve never heard someone say they are anything but comfortable. TTS. 



Minted Clothing Kids Tags

Lifesavers! I put these labels on the kid’s water bottles, clothes, lunchboxes, you name it! They are washing machine and dishwasher safe and truly stay on. 



Affresh Cleaning Tablets

What would we do without them? Use the laundry machine tablets and the garbage disposal tablets most often.



Amazon Tunic Sweater

What a great pregnancy find! Long enough to wear with leggings and has served me well. It’s a thinner sweater material but so silky and soft and has held up well with delicate washes. Runs oversized, I took a small in the Caramel color. 



Always Pan

Another thing I use everyday! I have worked with them in the past but bought my first pan on my own because I had been looking for a clean, non-toxic pan that didn’t stick. Have had mine for a few years and still use it everyday. I recently snagged the Perfect Pot and LOVE the size! 



Paperclip Necklace

I originally thought this was too pricey for a necklace but went for it after staring at it for a few months and have worn it everyday since it came in so I feel like it’s served me well. 



Needlepoint Stockings

Ours are a steal! I really wanted a classic needlepoint stocking and I love these and find their customer service wonderful. They are on sale for $20 currently with code ‘CHEERS’



LL Bean Tote

This is the tote Zahra uses for preschool and I own the larger tote as our summer bag! Easy to wash, throw everything in and throw over my shoulder. 



EBY Wireless Bra

A newer to me brand I discovered this year and love their wireless bralette and no-show underwear especially with leggings. I find their pieces to run TTS. 



Tissue Box Cover

Not necessary but sparks so much joy! I have the grey pebbled leather and since a tissue bo xis always out in our house I think it’s well worth the $20. 



Z Supply Reverie Dress

A tried and true favorite! I have worn this pregnant, fresh after delivery and everywhere in between. It always makes you feel good and put together. Runs TTS, I own a small and medium. On sale here but sizes limited!



No Show Socks

What I wear with my sneakers when I’m not working out. The only things I have found that truly stay! 



Sports Bra

This guy is wonderful! I just ordered some new ones from Athleta that I shared here but this one from Amazon has been my go-to for a while. Padded, supportive and comfortable! Looks like this is currently a lightning deal!!!



Sherpa Lined Sweatpants

Oh man, the amount of you that submitted this. Crucial for winter and such a treat to lounge in! I find they run TTS but sized up for comfort. 



Target Rug

This is our living room I get asked about often. It’s great for a high traffic area and does not show dirt or stains which is ideal for us. 




Hope this was helpful and thank YOU so much for making this community such a wonderful place. It wouldn’t exist without you so thank you! Wishing you guys a wonderful Wednesday and check back tomorrow for some fun home content. 




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