Gift Guide For The Kids

Nov 16, 2020


Alphabet Puzzle | Personalized Chair | Play Kitchen | Tree House | Fishing Set | Rocketship Toy Set | Ball Pit | Kid’s Camera | Power Wheel | Mini Scooter | Pajamas | Baby Doll


Good morning!

I am so excited to share this year’s Gift Guide for Kids with you. Now having two children and really trying to laser focus on what the kids really need and utilize the most I feel even more confident in my recommendations! 

Much like all my Gift Guide’s everything on the list is something we personally own or is on our list for this year. I hope this helps you along the way and I also have a lot of our everyday favorites saved in my Amazon Storefront under ‘Zain’s Things’ and ‘Zahra’s Stuff’ too! 


Alphabet Puzzle

I included this in my Gift Guide last year and love these! We have the alphabet and number puzzle and can’t say enough good things about the brand.


Personalized Chair

I just recently bought these for Zain and Zahra to use on our top floor and we love them so far. I wasn’t a huge fan of the very popular Pottery Barn Kids chair shape and style and loved how these came in such fun themes and styles. They are totally customizable but I used the standard font and size that was shown on each!


Play Kitchen

One of our most used toys. Zain got this for Christmas almost two years ago and still uses it daily! I am hoping Zahra will love it just as much and it’s an added bonus that it blends with our space aesthetically. Another note, this takes minutes to put together unlike a lot of other play kitchens I have seen.


Tree House

This is on the list this year! I thought it was such a great idea and could be something that both kids could use together.


Fishing Set

Another one of Zain’s favorite toys that has lasted in our rotation! It keeps him busy for hours and is great at facilitating counting.


Rocket ship Toy Set

If you saw Zain’s halloween costume you know he loves outer space. I already snagged this for him and can’t wait to watch him open it! 


Ball Pit

We don’t own this but I am highly considering it based on friend’s recommendations! It is going to be a very long winter and I know we will need some fresh activities in here. 


Kid’s Camera

One of Zain’s favorite toys that was a gift from my nieces and nephew! They loved their so much and sent him one which he uses all the time.


Power Wheel

Sadly the exact dinosaur Power Wheel Zain has is sold out everywhere but they are so much fun. My mom has been eyeing this one to keep at their house so both kids can eventually ride in it together.


Mini Scooter

We gave this to Zain for his 2nd birthday and he still uses it multiple times a week! The handlebar is adjustable so it will grow with them.



You all know this is my favorite pajama brand! They are a little pricey but I find that they last so long. I used to buy Hanna stuff whenever it went on sale but those tend to be more fitted and I felt like Zain was growing out of them so quickly. These are incredibly soft and have a lot of room to grow. We order up for both kids! 


Baby Doll

Bought this for Zahra a while ago and am saving it for the holidays! She loves her baby doll and I thought this one was so adorable. 



Hope this was helpful and if you have any favorite kid’s gifts yourself leave them below! 


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