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Nov 18, 2020


Hooded Sweatshirt | Travel Kit | Spice Rub Set | Waterproof Winter Boots | Air Pods Pro | Joggers | Winter Gloves | Winter Coat | Washable Sneakers | Holiday Sweater | Remote Car Start | Temperature Control Mug


Good morning friends! 

The Holiday Shop continues and I am excited to share the GIft Guide for Men today. Honestly, a lot of these gifts would be great for anyone not just ‘Men’ but I know dad’s, brothers, husbands and so on can be some of the hardest people to shop for. My dad is impossible and I struggle each and every year! 

Most of the items below are things Trevor owns and really loves and if not is something we have our eye on this year. If you have any tried and true favorites leave them in the comments below! 



Hooded Sweatshirt

If the guys in your life love a sweatshirt as much as my husband, this is perfect! I bought this for Trevor last year and it remains one of his favorite hoodies. It’s under $20 and comes in a ton of colors. It runs slim and fitted so size up if you are looking for something oversized!


 Travel Kit

I always think Travel Kits are a great gift idea for guys! It’s something you know they will use and may not have. We bought the groomsmen in our wedding them and Trevor still uses hi!


 Spice Rub Set

I buy a new set for Trevor every holiday season and decided on this WIlliams-Sonoma one this year. If you know someone that loves to cook or grill, it’s fun to experiment with new flavors especially since we are all eating at home more often. 


 Waterproof Winter Boots

Trevor owns these boots and uses them all winter long! I found this pair fully stocked and on sale and like the color and texture a lot more than his 😉


 Air Pods Pro


A bit pricey but if they are working from home, these are a must! They have a noise cancelling feature that is a godsend and fit better in your ear in my opinion. 




The one bougie item Trevor has ever asked for! He tried their joggers on a couple of years ago and loved them but never pulled the trigger so I gifted them to him for the holidays and he wears them constantly. They run TTS. 


 Winter Gloves


We had originally bought Trevor a pair of touch gloves last year and they were so big and bulky we ended up switching them out for this pair for ease. I found these on sale and in stock in grey and black! 


 Winter Coat


This is a great winter coat for guys that is light but still packs a lot of warmth. It is currently 35% off with code ‘FRIENDS’


 Washable Sneakers


We love Allbirds! We all own these sneakers (Zain grew out of his) and have for years. They wash well and you can buy replacement soles for $10 I believe if you ever need them. I think they are easy to dress up or down and are so comfortable.


 Holiday Sweater


Doesn’t every guy need a J.Crew Holiday sweater? You know they won’t buy it for themselves and I always try to find matching ones for Zain and Trevor. 


 Remote Car Start


I know Trevor wants one of these this year and I thought this one had great reviews and was under $70! Warming up your car while you are getting ready is a dream. 


 Temperature Control Mug


We are big coffee drinkers in this house and like every other parent, we end up warming it up 10,000 times. I thought this was such a cool idea! 






Hope this helps some of you on your hunt!


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