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Nov 13, 2020



Beaded Personalized Bracelets | Initial Necklace | Butter Socks | Tobacco Candle | Almond Shower Oil | Megababe Hand Sanitizer | Ombre Lounge Set | House Slippers | Our Place Glasses | Herbivore Set | Cold Brew Maker | She Persisted Puzzle 



Good morning and hello to Friday the 13th! I mean, with 2020 going the way it has been do we really need anything else happening? Let’s all hope for sunshine 🙂 

Today is the first install of Gift Guides and I am going to try my hardest to have them all live this month so you can have plenty of time to prepare. There will just be a few: Under $50, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him & Kids and Small Business to support. 

This Under $50 is a great place to look for easy gifts for friends, gift exchanges or anyone you may be stumped on. I personally own everything on the list and if I don’t have the exact item, I have a similar piece by the same brand. 


Beaded Personalized Bracelets

I ordered these at the start of quarantine with the kids names on them and hardly ever take them off! They are such a cute accessory and would be the perfect gift. You can customize the colors and I would order based on a very tight measuring of your wrist because they will stretch a little bit as she states. 


Initial Necklace 

Another great personalized idea! I bought this necklace right after I gave birth to Zain and was searching for an initial necklace that didn’t cost a fortune. I have been so pleased with it and hardly ever take it off. I should note I do not shower with jewelry so I can’t speak to how it holds up if you do. The letter is dainty and I like the brushed look of the gold making it subtle and not bright gold. 


Butter Socks  

I am fairly certain we have spoken about these before but if you don’t own then, buy them. I live in them during cold months and bought some for my mom last year because she kept stealing mine. 


Tobacco Candle

One of my favorite brands of candles and although a ‘Tobacco’ scent sounds gross I promise you this candle smells amazing! 


Almond Shower Oil

I discovered this a few years ago when I was gifted it over the holidays. I will admit, I am not a huge bath/shower product aficionado and don’t usually spend a ton of money on those things. Well, this is worth it. Trevor and I both use it religiously once it starts getting cold and you almost don’t need to use lotion after it’s that moisturizing. 


Megababe Hand Sanitizer

A favorite brand of mine made a hand sanitizer pump. What is more 2020? 


Ombre Lounge Set

I have shared my favorite loungewear brands before and HOneydew is one of them! They make great quality pieces that don’t break the bank and I just ordered this set. 


House Slippers

A FAQ from you all is where my slippers are from! These would make an awesome holiday gift for someone especially since we are all spending a lot more time at home. 


Our Place Glasses

We know my obsession is real with Our Place and this set of glasses would be a great gift. A sustainable, female owned business that gives back is a great place to look for gifts. 


Herbivore Set

I love this brand when it comes to clean beauty and though this set had a great combo of products included! It’s always nice to gift people beauty items during the holidays because I feel like it’s something they may not buy themselves.


Cold Brew Maker

The cutest cold brew mason jar pot that could help up someone’s at home barista status during the winter. 


She Persisted Puzzle 

I feel like puzzles will cycle back to our main form of entertainment as the cold sets in and I love this one! 



Hope this was helpful and you all have a great weekend! 


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