12 Amazing One-Piece Swimsuits

Mar 6, 2018

10 amazing one pieces

Hat: Brixton – love this and this version as well! | Swimsuit: Stella McCartney – really can’t say enough good things about the fit! | Shorts: AGolde – I know I’ve talked about these a lot but they really are the best cut off’s, order down a size! | Bag: Mar y Sol – love this affordable option as well as this one!


Bathing suit shopping can be a bit of a downer, right? 

I honestly don’t know one person who enjoys it. Well, I’m here to hopefully help with that! I tried on dozens of suits before our trip to Mexico including almost every single one I listed below. I finally found the perfect fit for my body shape but thought it would be helpful to share some of my favorites (even if they weren’t right for me) and why I loved them plus who I think they are made for!

It’s about that time in Chicago when everyone is booking trips to head somewhere warm. Sadly, I won’t be soaking up any sun until later next month but hey at least there is something on the horizon. 

It’s not that I’m over two piece’s or have anything against them (I actually wore one a lot of the time I was in Mexico) I just gravitate more towards a one piece now. I would like to say that’s because I’m a mom but it’s really not. I’ve loved one piece’s for a while now and often think they are a little more daring than a two piece. The tough part is finding a good fit – a cheeky bottom that’s not too cheeky, a deep V that isn’t too much and making sure you still have support up top!

I broke down my favorites below and would love to hear which ones you guys have found work for you and will try to update the list with reader favorites! 



I loved this fit and cut! It wasn’t too cheeky for me and the straps were semi-supportive. I think it would look great on any body type but may not provide much support up top for larger chested girls.

SO so flattering! The cinched waist looks great and the all black is slimming. It is a tad high cut in the front but I always think that makes your legs look longer!

This suit has great coverage and the lace up front offers so much support. Also, this color is so good!

I usually don’t love a lot of print bath suits but think the style of this one is great and supportive especially if you are running after a kid!

Loved this suit for my babymoon and thought the ruffle stayed up really well. Looks great on any body type but not the greatest neckline if you are planning to be fairly active at the pool. 

Love this universal suit and think it will look good on everyone! The deep V isn’t too crazy and actually offers some good support. 

This is a new suit I haven’t tried on but am dying to order. I love this brand (they make my favorite bikini) and think this cut looks ultra comfortable and supportive!

LOVE this suit and wish this brand was a better fit for me! They run TTS but think it’s a better fit for less curvy girls and those with shorter torsos. I always find they aren’t long enough for me. 

Love the detailing and think this brand’s swimwear always runs TTS and has great fit. 

Another all black style I think looks good on everyone. The cut out is flattering and sure to give you a little lift in front 😉 

On the preppier side for me but I love the way this suit fits and looks. My friend Kelly owns it and I’ve seen it on dozens of other women all different shapes and sizes and always think it looks chic!

This is my suit! Get this right now is you are curvier on the bottom and having a hard time finding something to cover your rump. Most cheeky options are wayyy too cheeky on me and this fit like a glove. I also love the lace up detailing that provides a ton of support and the scoop back is an added bonus. I’m wearing a small for reference! 


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  1. Monica says:

    Loving that you featured a ton of one-pieces. I’m heading on my first vacation of the year at the end of the month and i’m on the hunt for some new swimsuits.

    – Monica | http://www.onandoffduty.com

  2. It’s like you read my mind- haha! I’m on the fence about ordering a suit now since I won’t need it for a few months and I’m still working on my pp mom bod. But I’m considering something high waisted or a one piece for this summer. It’s tricky to find something that is supportive and easy to nurse in. I haven’t ordered anything to try on, but I’ve been looking and saving ideas. I might have to check one or two of these out.